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August 07, 2019

Top 3 IT Gadgets for Kids

Finding gadgets and toys for kids is no easy task. Especially if you want the gadgets to be fun, inspirational and provide a learning experience as well. The toy market these days is filled with junk that may look good at a glance but when you actually dive into the details, they're just not good enough. IT gadgets are no different. There's also the added concern about the gadgets being safe from cyber hacks, inappropriate content and the sort. Therefore, gadgets that don't connect to the internet directly are on the rise. With advancements in technology, there's a growing number of good gadgets out there that aren't just safe and fun, but also inspirational and educational for kids.

We've sorted through such gadgets related to IT and found a few great gadgets that a child would love to play with and learn from.

Anki Cozmo

Cozmo is a small adorable robot that will catch your child's attention the minute they lay their eyes on it. It comes pre-assembled right out of the box so there's no need of going through a confusing process of putting it together. All you need to do is download the free Cozmo app for your Android (News - Alert) or iOS device and you're ready to go. Children can learn to code and get familiar with the basics of AI. The cute toy is actually pretty smart and can scan and recognize faces. The app is fairly easy to use and can be operated even by a complete newbie. It's rated for children of age 8 and above and it successfully retains their attention and acquires their interest. Playing with the toy and delving deeper into the app, children can learn about coding and complete beginner level tasks. The toy sparks an interest in IT and STEM so it's a great gadget to get for your growing child.

VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX

If your kids aren't as interested in learning about IT through gadgets but do like playing with your smartphone or laptop, getting them a smartwatch might be a pretty good option. The Kidizoom Smartwatch DX has been designed specifically designed for kids. The watch features a camera and a video recorder as well. Kids can customize the watch face and choose any of the 50 variations it comes with. There are effects that can be put on any photograph taken so that's bound to keep kids entertained for a while. The watch comes with five games, a calculator, calendar, timer and even a motion sensor. Even though it's not the most advanced piece of tech for kids out there, it's fun and intuitive and will certainly keep kids entertained for a long period of time.

Lumo Interactive Projector (News - Alert)

 An interactive floor projector that has the ability to turn any surface into a virtual playground for children. It allows them to physically interact with the game they're playing, and the feedback they make on the projected image is reflected in the game due to the sensors. It's the perfect IT gadget for your children. It gets them to be physically active. Creativity is enhanced when kids make their own games. Art is encouraged when kids learn how to draw on the interactive projector. There's literally no cleaning up to do since the game is just an image that's projected on the floor. It's plug and play, and super simple to use, so there's no fuss about setting it up and operating it.

It can also be used as a normal projector too. It projects a 6x4 feet image which can be used to stream videos or movies for children on any surface. Kids can customize any games and even add their own art. It comes loaded with 100+ games so there are endless entertainment and learning.

MakeBlock mBot

The MakeBlock mBot is a programmable robot that can introduce your child to STEM and promote learning. The concept is simple. The robot is assembled with a screwdriver that comes in the box and then it allows children to explore its robotic functions through entry-level coding and programming. These functions include line following, obstacle avoidance, and other basic tasks. The mBot is even Lego compatible so kids can even customize the build of the robot and incorporate any pieces they see fit to. The programming is done through a mBot Scratch-based software or even through Arduino if the kids have slightly more advanced skills. Using the programming kids can control the speed of the bot, change the LED lighting and even play musical notes on a small buzzer that it's equipped with. The MakeBlock mBot is a great resource to introduce kids into practical coding and develop an interest in robotics. It's has a factor of longevity that most gadgets don't — even a teenager could have a ton of fun using it. Lastly, if your kid is on the verge of becoming a teenager then there's a slight chance he/she won't like these gadgets we've mentioned above, don't fret, as we've another IT gadget that could possibly fulfill their teenage requirements, in that case, go ahead and take a look at these audiophile grade headphones from Sennheiser here, because teenagers tend to enjoy hi-fi music on the go as well, so why not?!


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