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August 06, 2019

Gadget and Service Deals: Smart Ways to Save While Getting More

The world we live in today is dominated by technology, and thanks to it, communication has become easier, convenient, and more efficient than ever before. Our homes, offices, and even pockets are full of sources of entertainment, knowledge, and inspiration. Keeping tabs with our loved ones, colleagues, and even business associates from halfway across the world are always a breeze, and all it takes for you to get updates on the news in politics, business, fashion, and you name it, is only a matter of seconds. This is all thanks to modern tech gadgets, telephone services, and the internet. Simply put, technology has changed the way we live, learn, work, and do business!

On this note, it is highly likely that you have a number of these gadgets in your home or office. If you’ve been following, we’re talking about smartphones, laptops, tablets, TVs and any other gadget with the word smart in its name. But to be honest, having one or a few of these gadgets is an added expense to your monthly budget. Considering how economically harsh these times are, it is important to be wise about how you buy and use these gadgets and services. If not carefully considered, they can put a toll on your wallet and ultimately affect your financial well-being. All the same, it doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice your convenience, communication, and entertainment, and easy access to information in the name of saving money. Here are some smart ways to save while getting more on gadget and service deals.

1. Consider What You Need Most and Prioritize

Do I really need that phone with a 128 GB storage space? Will a 146-inch TV really fit in my living room? Do I really need a tablet when I already have a working laptop? Before purchasing a new gadget/s or any service that comes along with it, it is highly essential to carefully consider what you really need first. Many salesmen and advertisers have a way of luring target customers to purchase devices that they only end up not using. There’s no point in buying expensive gadgets that you’ll end up having no use for.

2. Shop Wisely

Still on the shopping bit, the best way to save money on gadgets and service deals is to shop around. If you’re looking for a new phone or TV, for instance, be sure to identify the brand or model you need and compare its price from various legitimate sellers before settling for one. You can easily get a smartphone that is selling at $1,000 at a particular store just for $950 from a different seller. If you have some time to do your homework first and the $50 is worth it, this is money you can inject into another use.

3. Purchase Service Deals In Bundles

Another wise way to save on your gadget and service expenses is to bundle up. If you have a smart TV, you’ll obviously need to watch or stream stuff online, download apps, and so forth. It’s also highly likely that you have a smartphone, tablet, or laptop in your home, which you use for social media, online research, downloading files, or even when working from home. Why have separate internet plans for each of these devices? It can be extremely costly, less convenient, and cumbersome in some cases. While there are several options out there, the AT&T (News - Alert) DIRECTV get deal package is a TV and internet bundle that gives you a free 3-month access to premium channels along with internet access. The package includes an allowance of Genie DVR (free in HD) in up to 4 separate rooms. And of course, it’s much cheaper than paying for TV and internet separately, plus it also gives you a good alternative if you’ve decided it’s time to ditch cable TV. On the same note, adding a phone line to such a bundle deal could lower your monthly bills on tech even more.

4. Buy Used/Previous Generation 

One of the reasons why many people find themselves spending on tech gadgets is that they have to upgrade every few months or annually to a more sophisticated gadget. However, as long as they work fine, keeping your phone or other devices for longer could be all you need to do to save money. Additionally, many people dispose of gadgets they consider faulty, while they only ail from minor issues that could be fixed with some simple touch ups and their condition restored to as good as new.

For TVs, laptops, and tablet computers, there are many stores and online shops that you can find used devices that are still in super good condition at lower prices compared to buying new ones. You can also save by buying gadgets from manufacturers and distributors who are willing to let go of old stock and previous-generation models at a highly discounted price. If you’d rather stay trendy on phones, you can another good option is to sell your old devices first, every time you need the latest on the market. It doesn’t hurt much to wait for prices to drop.

5. Make Use of Online Coupon Codes

One of the best things about shopping online is that it provides you with a wide range of options. You also have the advantage of getting deep details of what you’re buying before you actually do so. The even better part is that perhaps due to the stiff competition amongst online retailers these days, is that online products are frequently discounted to encourage purchases. You can get coupons and promo codes on individual retail sites as well as coupon websites like coupon mom, coupon craze, and retail me not, just to name a few. Another common strategy that people use to get coupons is to leave items sitting on the cart in their account with the retail site, which often provokes the retailer to give discounts for those items in an attempt to draw you back so you can make the purchase.

6. Reconsider Your Payment Method

If you’re subscribed to the internet or TV service with a particular provider, it is highly likely that they have a number of payment methods. Well, sometimes providers encourage payments through a specific mode, say direct debit, by giving discounts to customers who use those channels to make payments. Other’s offer discounts to customers who pay upfront at the beginning of the year. These discounts and reductions could be an amazing way to save on service deals.

Along with the services they come with or require, our gadgets are so dear to us. However, you don’t always have to break the bank to get more from your device or service provider. With the above tips, you can keep your monthly or annual telephone, internet, and TV bills down and save money without compromising on gadget/service quality and decreasing your convenience. 

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