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August 05, 2019

This New Incubator Program is Accelerating Growth of Tech-Startups in Asia Pacific

Tech startups are all the rage currently. And, they have all the justifications to do so as the world prepares for another wave of disruption. Across the Asia-Pacific, startups have engulfed Fin-tech, healthcare, rapid design & manufacturing, transportation, food and consumables, communication, Business Intelligence, analytics, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, etc. Every successful product or service comes with a promise to solve an existing tedious domain challenge. Imagine how many such challenges can be solved to make this world a better place if more and more deserving startups were given a chance?

This is what Thomson Reuter’s IGNITE is promoting, supporting, and accelerating.

For tech startups operating in the domains pertaining to AI/Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Distributed Ledger technologies or Data Analytics, the TR Ignite program is nothing short of a golden opportunity.

What is TR Ignite?

Thomson Reuters (News - Alert) is currently looking to partner with tech-startups operating in the above-mentioned spaces. It is an incubation program where the selected startups will be able to;

  • Secure series-A funding of $250,000
  • Access Thomson (News - Alert) Reuter’s Global Customer footprint
  • Access global market insights, TR’s business intelligence for growth
  • Opportunity to join Asia’s first legal-tech accelerator

If you think your startup falls into the above categories of the mentioned domains, you can apply for this incubation program. Below are the pre-requisites of eligibility to enter the program for selection. Take a look;

  • The startup should be an early stage tech-startup to qualify for Pre-series A funding
  • The company has been formed in the last 5-years
  • The startup’s alignment is with legal or regulatory industries
  • A working prototype is preferable, or the startup should be close to present an MVP
  • The startup should be funded for at least next 6-months
  • Technology: Thomson Reuters (News - Alert) is interested in a wide range of technologies that could enhance legal and regulatory work, however favorability will be given to individual items or combinations listed below:

  1. Artificial intelligence – machine learning, NLP, expert systems, planning/scheduling algorithms applied to legal data and task flows
  2. Distributed ledger technologies – particularly related to business of law activities including client engagement and retention and/or payment for legal services
  3. Big data – technologies for ingestion, abstraction, learning, characterisation and evaluation where you can evidence data at scale issues impacting legal practice; technologies for improving the pace of decision making, risk and opportunity assessment in legal practice
  4. Advanced analytics – applied to data used in practice and business applications by lawyers and their clients 
  5. Concepts and solutions which can leverage Thomson Reuters data and existing solutions

The bottom line is that this program can uplift the next-big-what created by you to the deserving heights. Don’t miss out on the applications for which the last date of application is 11:59 pm, 16 August 2019 (Singapore Time). Good luck!

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