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June 25, 2019

The science behind looking incredible with laser treatment and why brands endorse it

The latest endorsement many businesses have shown interest in is Lipo-laser or lipo-LED machines. The reason is because the quest for a perfect body is no longer a struggle, as this technology has proved to be a safe, cure-all approach for excess fat.

The confidence and general well-being people feel when they have a lean body is unquestionable. Now that a non-intrusive, fast and healthy treatment for fat reduction is available, everyone wants ‘a piece of the pie’ and companies in the industry have never been more financially rewarded.

As a result, we are interested in finding out more information regarding the effectiveness and success of the laser treatment, so we asked Slender Lasers – a company that reviews various lipo-laser machines – for clear, detailed answers to better understand this innovative technology.

Why is laser technology an area of huge future potential?

Many of us don’t think twice before going under the knife to look beautiful. However, thoughtful individuals realize there are consequences to impulsive actions. More specifically, fat cells do more than hold fat. They also help produce hormones in the body, keeping toxins away while supporting vital physiological processes.

Luckily, science and improved technologies have introduced LED treatments to safely ease the process of losing the extra body-fat. The laser-based procedures, using LED treatments to eliminate fat, are safe and non-invasive because they shrink fat cells, draining them out of fat and toxins, so you can look great without any risks. 

What are key constituents of lipo-lasers or LED Machines? 

After years of trial and error techniques, we have found that the 630-nanometer range helps weaken the fat cell wall, so that it can empty its content of fat and toxins into the blood stream. This gives the body a chance to drain and eliminate toxins from itself. The latest technology enables pairing the 630 with 880 nanometers (with pure infrared waves), so people benefit from aspects like skin tightening and collagen increase in the body. This is hands down the best way to maximize all the advantages this technology has to offer.

Why should anyone invest in this technology?

At the moment, various companies like SPAs or health clubs invest in the best products out there. This is because they want high-quality lipo-laser or lipo-LED machines as they last longer, remove fat better and faster, while having a good heat management system, which makes patients feel comfortable under treatment.

Moreover, this procedure has reduced risk-factors because it is a non-surgical method, and the best way to lose weight without hitting the gym. As a result, all the parties involved benefit from its great features and proper adoption.

Why is it so beneficial for the human body?

Most people come in for the weight loss benefits which are truly fantastic and healthy. But red-light therapy is great for other aspects as well.  With red light therapy we’ve received many reports showing that it helps patients feel better, especially those suffering from neuropathy arthritis, amongst other illnesses. All in all, it has the potential to help the body heal in a safe and noninterfering way, benefiting not only those interested in losing extra-fat, but also people with other medical conditions.

How does the light-LED technology work?

The lights are powered high enough for a deep penetration into the fat walls beneath the skin. The cells absorb the energy of 630 nanometers which in turn will temporarily weaken the fat cells walls. The contents of fat and toxins leak out of the cell. It is important to understand that while the wall is weakened, it becomes like a castle with its draw bridge down, making the cell temporarily vulnerable. For this reason, patients must drink only water one hour before and one hour after the treatment. As easily as the fat leaks out, undesirable fats could be reabsorbed into the cells. Once the fat comes out, it needs to get away from the cells, so it does not get reabsorbed.

Most of the time, the easiest way to do this is, if customers go on a whole-body vibration machine. The speed should be set low to mimic a mini trampoline motion, which helps to pump the lymph system. This in turn helps to get the fat away from the cells and into the liver, to be processed and eventually eliminated from the body.

Some people report an oily look as they are getting rid of the excess fat. Due to the extra straps to the liver after processing the extra fat, we recommend taking milk thistle supplements, drinking lots of water (ideally half the patient’s body weight in ounces) and spa treatments so they have at least one day (ideally two to three days) between sessions. This part is important because it allows the liver to catch up. Additionally, many people report weight loss even on the days off, as the process seems to still be working during these times. 

Why use high-powered LED or high-powered microchips technology?

The high-power LED helps in the distribution of the 630 nanometers under the skin both in width and depth leading to faster results.

Is lipo-laser a successful and popular procedure?

As more people become aware of their well-being and realize that procedures including lipo-absorption can destroy the cells with long-term negative side effects, the high powered lipo-lights have become the solution. And the reasons they are in such high demand are the following:

  1.  No additional degree or certification is necessary to run the equipment.
  2. They are safer and healthier for the body, producing similar results like other much more invasive fat loss measures.
  3. When destroying or removing fat cells, if the client gains weight later on, then a big problem arises. The fat needs to go somewhere and unless the person doing the procedure (let’s say across the stomach area) is not able to remove the exact amount of cells across that part, then the end result will look unnatural. Patient can develop what we call ‘pockets’ or ‘gaps’ instead of a natural smooth area. This damage can be unfixable in many cases, and with the new technology combining 630 nm with 880 nm, it is a risk that is no longer necessary to take.

What are the best lipo-lasers to choose from?

When picking a LED system, there are some key components you should look for:

1. If you get an older system, the best LEDs are Mitsubishi (News - Alert). They were the first ones that got away from the cheaper, unreliable Chinese LEDs that have been known to fail on so many occasions.

2. A step up are the new German microchips. These can be found in the higher end LED systems. They are stronger, brighter and last longer. Their best attributes are the fact that they can put out a lot of power while remaining cool. This allows the patient to comfortably tolerate a treatment with a higher power source.

In the past, trying the highest power (100 mm of power per LED) would have been almost impossible to tolerate for more than 10 to 15 minutes. Additionally, these early versions were capped off at 40 to 60 mm of power which limited the results. Mitsubishi improved this aspect as they remain cooler than the cheap Chinese LEDs and the German Chips. So far, they have proved to be better than anything else available today. 

3. Find a system that combines fat draining of 630nm with a near infrared source of 880, as this combination makes the results ten times better. 

4. Pads systems are ok and effective. However, they are more time consuming when you want to put the patent on, and without the much-needed coverage. Plus, they are not as comfortable for clients as the blanket light systems which are available today.

Here's an example to consider: if someone wants to go around the entire mid-section with the paddles, they have to wrap one side for 20 minutes, then flip them over and do the other side. Whereas with the blankets, someone can simply lay on them, so you wrap both the back and front all at once. The wrapping time with the pads is approx. 5 to 8 minutes and with the blanket systems, it takes between 1 to 2 minutes, having more coverage and power. The best paddle system has 16 paddles with approx. 20 LEDs in each one, giving you a total of 320 LEDs. The blanket LED systems have approx. 5000 LEDs and that's a huge difference.

5. Do not buy Chinese junk because you will suffer the consequences and I will tell you why. When you get busy using them, these systems will break. Imagine this is your business and you have clients coming in that are in the middle of doing a series of light sessions. All of a sudden, your system is down, and they have to wait two weeks (if you are lucky) for your system to get back from China where they should be repaired. In such an unfortunate scenario, you will have lost the client along with your reputation. Therefore, it’s better to buy a high-quality system made here in the States that has a good warranty and that will keep you up and running. Long-term is the only way to go.

All things considered, laser-based technology to reduce body-fat is the new and improved procedure that is favored by businesses and people world-wide because of its incredible, effective and fast outcomes. It is a hit in the industry and if you wish to benefit from it, do your homework and choose the best devices out there for smooth and successful results.

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