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June 17, 2019

4 Ways Instagram Changed the World

In the past few years, Instagram took off to be one of the most important social media platforms in the world. As Facebook (News - Alert) became more appealing for older adults, Instagram took millennials by storm and changed the way they dress, eat, travel and interact with people. The photo-sharing app’s impact on people’s day to day lives has disrupted entire industries and, with people spending around 53 minutes on the platform daily, it can only continue to do so. But what are the biggest impacts Instagram had on people’s lives?

Diversifying Beauty Standards

People will always criticize Instagram for setting unrealistic beauty standards, but what few people realize is the tremendous impact it had on encouraging diversity and multiculturality.

When it came to models, people were used to the idea of perfect bodies and doll-like faces that traditional media broadcasting was promoting. Instagram allows people to showcase their unique features and find people who share the same views as them. The most popular influencers nowadays seem to be those who have no fear of showing their imperfections. Stretch marks, scars, disabilities, pimples and freckles, they are all part of people’s natural beauty and Instagram is the place to let them shine.

Creating Social Brands

Most popular brands have Instagram accounts, to keep in touch with their customers, but others have been born right here, on the platform. Influencers have turned into a major marketing tool for such brands and, by choosing to advertise their products through real-life role models, instead of TV celebrities, those brands have come closer to their audience. In result, their sales have sky-rocketed.

Gone are the days when, in order to get noticed, brands had to lean over backwards. Nowadays, they can just buy followers on Instagram, partner with some influencers and offer some Instagram-exclusive giveaways and they’ve won people’s hearts.

Changing Travel Habits

Instagram is the Mecca of travel inspiration and has become the go-to place for travel enthusiasts. Whether it is to see what other places people have discovered or just to get an idea on how people see their home town, the Insta-tourism phenomenon is here to stay.

Back in the days, before leaving for a new vacation, you turned to friends or family for inside scoops. Now, you can just search for the place on Instagram and make a list of the most picture-perfect places you can find. Travel agencies know that and have gone out of their way to keep up with the trends.

Promoting Healthy Eating

The businesses that benefit the most out of the Instagram phenomenon seem to be restaurants and cafes. If an influencer tags your small bakery into one of their photos, chances are you might need to double the staff by tomorrow, because customers are going to come pouring.

Businesses have anticipated that and are doing their best to stand out from the crowd, with marble tables, neon pops and plants, lots of plants. Food is no longer served on a basic plate, but in custom-painted bowls, with edible flowers on top.

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