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May 22, 2019

4 of the Most Discreet Vape Pens

Vaping is a modern and healthy alternative to classic cigarettes that does no harm to the user and the ones around him or her. However, the stigmas and prejudice that surround smoking inevitably affect vaping, making it frowned upon in many public spaces. If you want to keep your vape pen at work or at a social event but you need to be discreet, these are the best pens to help you out.

1. Vaporesso Renova Zero

This cartridge-based vaporizer is not only very discreet but also a stylish addition to your outfit for moments when you're vaping out in the open. Available in nine different colors, its size makes it very easy to carry it around with you everywhere. That doesn't mean it doesn't do the job as well as its bigger counterparts, though, as it produces vast amounts of vapor. 

Staying true to its purpose of being a discreet vape pen, the wattage can be adjusted at the touch of a button, so you won't fill the room with vapor in situations where it would be frowned upon. It contains its e-liquid within a cartridge instead of a tank, making it easier to replace but harder to refill. A tank would also be less discreet, but finding the best vape tanks is definitely something you'll want to do as you further explore the world of vaping.

2. Linx Vapor Ares

When it comes to being discreet, few can match the Ares vape pen from Linx Vapor. You can easily leave it on your desk at the office and most people will assume it's a regular pen due to its slim and pointy shape. Its ceramic rod atomizers heat up in no time, delivering a strong flavor and large vapor, while its innovative technology eliminates the need for loading. You simply need to dip the pen in the extracts and you'll immediately get a fresh hit.

3. Dr. Dabber Ghost Kit

The Ghost Kit is not only discreet but also a very safe way to enjoy vaping, as it is designed to offer exquisite vaporizing experiences while running at low temperatures. It also reaches the ideal temperature slowly, eliminating the burned taste that comes with pens heat up instantly. Its size and design make it ideal for people who want to vape discreetly.

4. KandyPens Galaxy Mercury Vaporizer

KandyPens specializes in discreet and stylish pens and the Galaxy Mercury Vaporizer is a perfect example. Featuring a Quartz Crystal atomizer and an advanced temperature control system, this tiny pen is sure to give you the ultimate vaping experience whenever you need it. KandyPens are known for the exquisite look of their pens, meaning that in situations when you can openly vape, you'll be sure to make an impression.

Vaping is constantly growing in popularity each year, with many people using vape pens all over the world. However, the lasting damage done by cigarettes over the centuries is still a fresh wound, so it's a safe idea to use any of these pens in situations when you need to be discreet.

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