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March 29, 2019

The Top Shoe Technology Advancements in 2019

The kind of shoe you wear says a lot about you. When you think about getting a shoe, there are three factors which are put into consideration: comfort, style, and functionality. And don’t forget about stability. However, in this day and age, where Millennials set the trends, the shoe game has changed. People are now seeking extra value in the shoes that they wear. So, if you are looking for first smart shoes, you need to know where to look.

The footwear industry is changing, with more companies seeking to manufacture shoes that provide consumers with what they want. When it comes to the professional world, it is paramount that these shoe companies offer their clients with shoes that best fit their careers. You will want a shoe which you can wear the whole day as you are performing your day to day activities.

What are Some of the Technological Advancements Changing the Footwear Industry?

Over the past couple of years, there have been innovations that have taken the world by storm in the shoe industry. Sneakers have always been on the receiving end when it comes to changing the shoe game. This can mainly be attributed to the fact that a lot of Millennials and Generation Xers like to wear cool things( and you have to admit sneakers are amazing).

However, this does not mean that the working class has been left behind. You have people such as nurses, lumberjacks and construction workers who spend a lot of time on their feet.  When you think about such hardworking people, you realize that loggers and construction workers need heavy duty footwear. These include shoes that protect them from slipping, sharp objects and other foot hazards.   If you are in any of these professionals, you need to invest in shoes that provide various benefits.  Here is a look at some advancements in technology that have helped multiple professionals.

#1. Smart Footwear

Just like smartwatches, the footwear industry is changing too. When smart footwear was introduced in the market, it was a game changer for many shoe companies. Smart footwear changes the way individual life and how they feel when they are wearing a shoe.

The smart footwear industry might be relatively young, but it has revolutionized the way we wear our shoes. Smart footwear goes beyond just using ordinary fabrics and materials; instead, they also offer some performance. There are new shoes with sensors which are being developed that monitor functionalities such as in-depth run tracking, location monitoring, activity tracking and a lot more.

Professionals who wear smart footwear are a privilege to a lot of benefits which can help them in every aspect of their careers. Most smart footwear is embedded with sensors that can track the number of calories which you burn. For instance, a lumberjack and a construction worker spend a  lot of energy in what they do. Smart shoes will help them monitor the amount of energy that they are using and other biometric data.

Garneau Carbon Team footwear is one of the companies that has introduced new technology into the market. The company has woven a chemical known as xylitol into their insoles. When you are sweating the compound converts the sweat molecules into coolants.

#2. Augmented and Virtual Reality

Do you love playing VR games? We do too – but there is a lot more to VR than just gaming. Using VR and Augmented Reality in the business industry has changed the shopping experience for most shoppers. You have to admit finding the right shoe is a bit hard. However with augmented and VR then you can shop for the right shoe without even trying it on. There are certain footwear companies which have switched to virtual prototypes that are found in some stores. Seeing the right shoe for your profession has been made easier.

For instance, a construction worker will need a shoe which protects them from sharp objects. They will require heavy-duty pumps. In this case, Augmented and VR will come in handy in choosing the best fit.

#3. Shoe Knitting Technology

The kind of shoe materials which are needed to manufacture footwear for people in various careers is different. For instance, a construction worker and a lumberjack require heavy-duty protective shoes. On the other hand, a nurse, a lawyer or an accountant will need less dense material which is still comfortable. Shoe manufacturers are using new forms of technology which best fit people in different careers. It is predicted that shoe knitting technology is going to change the shoemaking process.

What types of shoes do you prefer? Let us know what you think about the shoe industry and how technology has changed the shoe game.

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