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January 24, 2019

Exploring the Great Outdoors? These Tech Tools Will Surely Come Handy

There is nothing like the fun and thrill of the outdoors. From breathing fresh air to seeing greenery for miles, just being able to escape the pollution and hustle of city life is already a great adventure to a lot of people. This is also why many families now choose to buy their own campers so they can go on road trips and camping adventures without having to leave the comforts of home behind.

But there is more to investing in a good camper from RV Wholesalers to make your outdoor trips more convenient. These tech tools also make for a great investment because of how they can help you survive and enjoy the great outdoors:

A Real-Time GPS Tracker

While you’ll be driving on your camper together, the moment you get settled in your campsite, your children would want to explore the place on their own. Now, getting lost in the middle of a vast jungle is very dangerous for the little ones and even for adults and sometimes, the nearest help is still miles away from where you are.

To make sure that no member of your family (or friends) disappears in the wilderness, having a real-time GPS tracker that lets you keep tabs on their location will surely give you the peace of mind that you need during your trip. Aside from sticking a GPS tracker on your children’s jackets or bags, you can also attach one in your car so someone back home can keep track of your location.

A Panic Button

When you’re outdoors, you’ll never really know when something bad happens and you will need help. Whether it’s a medical emergency, an attack or an accident, it could be hard for you to seek help when you’re in the middle of a camping site or the jungle. But with the help of a panic button, you can easily send automatic text messages to your chosen emergency contacts to let them know that you need help. The button also sends them your exact location so they can easily send help to you.

A UV Exposure Sensor

The heat of the sun can be unforgiving, especially during the summer months. But it’s hard to notice that you’re already overexposed and about to get a sunburn (or worse than that) when you’re having so much fun outdoors. To keep your UV exposure in check, you will need a sensor that keeps track of the UV index in your area and sends reminders to re-apply sunscreen on your mobile phone. How cool is that?

A Good Light

Whether you’re going camping just for a day or you’re spending an entire week on the road, you will need a trusty light that will last you throughout your trip to the outdoors. Luckily, you can already buy a lightweight lantern that’s easy to bring around, hang in your tent or place on your picnic table.

And the best part is, this portable smart light can last for several months with just one charging. You also have the option to bring a LED flashlight that has solar panels for you to charge it under the sun. It can also double as a radio for weather updates and can even charge your gadgets.

A Reliable Water Bottle

Even the most novice campers know how important it is to bring water during a camping trip. But now, you can bring not just any water bottle but one that reminds you to stay hydrated while outdoors by measuring how much water you’ve consumed.

Now, if you’re staying outdoors for an extended time, getting access to clean water might be hard. But you can always bring a bottle that filters and cleans dirty water in just 60 seconds. A fully charged battery can last you 80 cycles, which is enough for your entire trip.

A Phone (News - Alert) Charger

You can’t expect to have electricity while you’re outdoors and while you can always charge your gadgets on your camper, having a portable phone charger that uses fire to charge your phone, lights and camera is also very handy. The CampStove can even be used for cooking or making coffee with just a few add-on accessories.

Final Words

Whenever you head out to the great outdoors with your family, it’s always best to go prepared. Aside from making sure that your RV is in perfect condition, you also need to stock up on all the essentials and a few handy tech tools to make sure that you get the best experience possible and eliminate the hassles along the way.

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