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December 18, 2018

5 Things Crucial to a Renewable Energy Future

With a population of over 7 billion people, the energy requirements on the planet have increased dramatically. These energy demands are expected to rise in the coming rise as well since a big part of the world is not yet served with electricity. It is for this reason that the push for renewable energy is at an all-time high. The hope for the future is that more countries will be able to go directly to renewable sources of energy like the sun and wind. For the world to sustain itself with renewable energy, there are a couple of things that will be needed. The following five are among them.

1. Lithium

One of the key issues that define the energy sector is storage. In the 21st century, Lithium-ion batteries are some of the most efficient means of storing energy. These batteries can be used in a wide range of electrical devices. Before Lithium, Lead was the main element used for making batteries. Lithium is, however, the most preferred material as it is easily rechargeable, lightweight and it has a high-energy intensity. Lithium-ion batteries are needed for cars, smartphones, laptops and various other powered devices.

2. Water

If there is one element that links all investors in the energy industry, healthcare, forex markets, and many other areas; it is water. Water is the most important source of nourishment for humans, plants, and animals. It is a key natural element that moves various industries. In the energy industry water is a very important component in the generation of power. Moving power towers and parabolic troughs is done with water. In addition, water is an important component in the production of solar energy.

It has been argued by many experts in the environmental and science fields that the water resource needs to be protected for future sustenance. The investment markets have thus been diversifying because of this. Investors in healthcare stocks in recent years have been motivated by diverse options, some of which include investments aimed at dealing with environmental changes.

3. Silicon

Silicon is a material that is used extensively in the electronics industry. It is used to make microchips, electrical conductors and various other electrical components. Silicon is preferred in this market because it is lightweight and efficient in its work. In the energy industry, silicon is used in solar panels. Solar panels are made of solar cells which tap the energy from the sun and convert it into electricity. The material is thus considered to be important in a future that is defined by renewable energy. Its low cost, durability, and efficiency are unrivaled.

4. Cobalt (News - Alert)

In the energy storage industry, Cobalt is an element that is gaining immense popularity. Cobalt is used for making rechargeable battery electrodes. This element is widely-known in the mechanical industries where it is used to make durable alloys. With a rising need for renewable energy though, cobalt will be an important part of creating durable batteries that will in turn power and run various devices. The material will not only facilitate the transition to renewable energies but it will also sustain it.

5. Copper

Copper is arguably the most used material in the electrical and electronics worlds. This element is a great conductor of electricity and it is used in virtually all electrical appliances. Copper is an important material that will continue to have great use in the renewable energy sector. It is for instance used in photovoltaic solar cells for various things including earthing, cabling and transforming energy. In addition, copper is used in generators to and other important electrical tools to achieve a wide range of things. Copper is thus among the most important materials for a future dominated by renewable energy.

The migration from non-renewable energy sources to renewable sources is expected to take an earnest turn in the 2020s. This push will be characterized by major changes in the electrical and electronic realms. Various materials and elements will be at the center of this evolution. While there are indeed other kinds of materials that will become more prominent in the world as the push to renewable energy continues, the main elements that will be needed in the generation, storage and transmission of renewable energy are listed above.

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