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October 09, 2018

The Future Of Food - The Top Millennial Trends

- born between 1980-1995 - are the largest demographic of living population in the world and they are shaping the future of food. Over the past 10 years, there has been a change in food trends. This can all be attributed to millennials.

Their food preferences determine what is being prepared in restaurants and what is found on grocery shelves.  At the moment, there are more millennials who are working and their consumer choices matter.

The Top Ways Millennials Eat Differently

Here are a few ways millennials are changing how we eat.

  • Millennials and Three Square Meals a Day

A majority of millennials prefer eating in restaurants. While some of them still cook at home, they don’t make the food choices their parents did.

It is estimated that two-thirds of millennials eat snacks. They prefer eating at least five to six meals a day rather than the traditional three meals a day.  Eating snacks influences how much food is eaten during a meal.

  • Millennials Prefer Personalization

Food specifications drive food outlets to offer different food combos. Millennials no longer want to eat the same boring food everyone else is ordering.

Therefore they are ordering customized food with different flavors. This is often driven by food restrictions and diets. They are more likely to eat gluten-free, organic and dairy free foods. Not only that but they want their food when they want it not just at the restaurant but also at their job. 

So once you see custom food combonations being offered at your local restaurant and if you start getting custom snack deliveries at your place of work, thank a millennial!

  • Millennials are Redefining Health

According to any millennial, a healthy restaurant is not one which provides low-fat and high-fiber meals, but one which provides foods that are natural, organic and from natural sources.

Millennials are very critical regarding  personal dietary preferences. They have a need to understand where food originates and the process of manufacturing.

They spend many hours a day watching videos and browsing articles on what to eat. They are thus motivated to choose foods which will help in skin care, gut health, brain health and ease insomnia.  A growing percentage of millenials opt for a vegan diet.

  • Millennials are Defining How Food is Being Prepared

Honestly, in general millennials do not like to cook. Even after getting married many rarely cook for their families.

Mostly millennials opt for buying already-made food or heating food up. They complain that making a full meal is strenuous due to the lack of menu ideas and time.

Eating out has also defined their cooked meals. The advancement of technology is making it easier for them to order food through apps.

  • Millennials Put their Money where their Mouth Is

Most millennials prefer products which are premium as compared to other generations. Studies show that 61% of millennials expect foods which are free of GMOs.

This is because products which are organic and natural feel a bit more health conscious.  They are more than willing to pay more money for such foods.

The catering business is continuing to boom. Caterers have continued to come up with strategic ideas which ensure that millennials continue to hire them. Thus the foodie culture is growing each and every year.

The Top Reasons You See a Rise in Different Food Trends

The rising use of social media contributes to different food trends. As people look online to see what others are eating – much of which is enticing – they yearn to eat it too.

The recent increase in posting food pictures, dubbed "food porn," helps create interest in different food items – whether it be Chinese, Lebanese, Mexican or even Indian.

Millennials are driving food trends in 2018. Here is a look at some of them which are making an impact.

  • Taco mania
  • Exotic flavors and ingredients such as sushi
  • Poke bowls with a twist of Hawaiian flavor
  • Mindful diets
  • Zero waste by going green
  • Rolled ice cream with an artistic twist
  • Gourmet soft serve
  • Cashier-free grocery stores
  • Fermented foodstuffs such as yoghurt
  • Mashups and fusions e.g Korean tacos or salad pizza

            What Should You Try Tonight?

As Millenials grow and divulge in their careers, they continue to shape the food industry and expand menu choices.

Although they garner most of their information from websites and blogs, it is no secret that word of mouth publicity works great too. If you are looking to try out new food items, try checking online reviews of the restaurants – there are different sites like Yelp (News - Alert) and Zomato to help you out.

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