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September 25, 2018

Why Advertising Reports Are Important For Your Business Success

Marketing involves a wide range of activities to be carried out in a business. It includes creation of new marketing campaigns, development of social media strategies, content planning and creation, updating the website and many more. For effective accomplishment of your marketing goals, you need to track the progress of these regularly. For example, the preparation of a monthly advertising report helps a lot in ensuring successful execution of all the expected marketing tasks in a business.

What are the components of an advertising report?

An advertising report may comprise of several components that include:

  • Landing Page Performance: This includes page visits, new contacts, submissions, and conversion rates.
  • Blogging Performance: This page comprises of the number of blog posts that are published by a business, number of views, number of people who have subscribed to it via e-mail and number of RSS subscribers.
  • E-mail Performance: This component documents the number of e-mails that are sent, number of emails that have been opened, number of click throughs and the amount of click percentage.
  • Facebook (News - Alert) Page Performance: This component includes page likes, page views, reach, video views, post engagement, and number of actions that are performed on the Facebook page.
  • Total Leads or Contacts: It lists the type of service that was provided by a marketing activity and source of traffic (social, organic, and direct,) that used them.
  • Source (News - Alert): This aspect brings contacts from everywhere. It uses keywords from those contacts by social media advertising, typing in a URL, and digital advertising.
  • Content performance: Advertising report also shows how compelling, relevant, and optimized was your web content. Did it bring new people to your website? How consistent were you in writing precise and timely content that helped to rank higher on Google (News - Alert).

The more specific these reports are for your business and concrete challenges, the better you will benefit from them. The data analytics company datapine gives in a blog post a good overview of 8 potential marketing reports for daily, weekly or monthly reporting.

Performance of Blogs

Running your own blog offer a lot of advantages to a business. It adds value to a business by providing features such as:

  • Addition of indexed pages to a website
  • Helping in getting top ranks on Google
  • Positioning a business as an authority figure
  • Helping in answering commonly asked questions

The performance of blogs is included in monthly advertising report that gives an information about the source of traffic, bounce rate, click through rate, etc. A business advertising report tells you the reason that is making your blog excel such as due to organic traffic, promotion, etc.

Social Media

Another thing that an advertising report can tell about a business is the most popular posts on Facebook page. It shows which posts on your business are working effectively organically and/ or via paid ads. A typical Facebook page insight shows following information:

  • People reached
  • Video views
  • Reactions in the form of likes, shares and comments
  • Post clicks
  • Facebook AD Analytics that includes total clicks on links, video views, post engagements, reach, cost per result and impressions.

Executive Summary and Future Advise

  • Total increase in advertising reach by x%
  • New visitors to website increased by x%
  • Generated number of new leads
  • Percentage of increase in online sales


There are several valuable insights that an advertising report can provide to a business. It is one of the effective ways that provides an overall look at the performance of the client.

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