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August 28, 2018

Virtual Reality Makes its Way to the World of Online Slots

Online slot games are forever evolving and changing in order to bring us gaming experiences that are fresh, exciting and continue to take our breath away. Modern software providers have done a fantastic job in truly going beyond all players’ expectations. Since the very first online slots were introduced in the 90s, slots have gone from classic-styled fruit slots to the high-tech slots we enjoy today.

And now there is a new merge of technology: virtual reality. Virtual reality is set to take the world of 3D slots by storm by giving players realistic, unforgettable casino gaming experiences.

What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality is a self-explanatory term. It is a computer-generated environment that can be accessed remotely. The simulation allows the user to interact with the setting, which is usually accessible by wearing a VR gadget, such as goggles or gloves.

Virtual reality has already made a name for itself in various industries and has proved its uses in marketing, education and medical training. The technology is well-established and is now lending itself to hundreds of other applications.

How is Virtual Reality Technology Incorporated in Online Casinos?

Virtual reality online casinos allow players to walk through a casino-like atmosphere from the comfort of their own home. Players can stroll around the snazzy casino floor, after choosing their desired avatar, and explore while looking for their favourite slot games. This gives players the feeling of being in a real life, brick-and-mortar casino.

As explained by, one of the most interesting aspects of the virtual reality casino is that you get the chance to see what other players are up to and bump into them on the casino floor. While you may be able to see what games the other avatars are playing, you cannot see their personal details or how much they are winning or losing.

Why Virtual Reality?

Are virtual reality casino games the real deal or are they just another novelty gimmick? One of virtual reality’s very best features is its visual stimulation. In this day and age, we are exceptionally visually stimulated and VR provides imagery and animations like no other, while still incorporating all the much-loved features of 3D slots.

The social aspect, in which users get to observe other players and the option to interact with casino staff, has also proved to be a very popular feature in VR casinos.

In general, VR slots are more immersive and interactive- giving players far more than the average online casino can offer.

What is Needed to Play Virtual Reality Games?

The first thing that is needs to be done to play virtual reality games is to sign up with an online VR casino, and then download and install a virtual reality application on your computer. You then need to access your online casino account and choose your screen configuration.

In order to experience virtual reality in its fullest, you may want to invest in some equipment, the most important being a virtual reality headset such as the Oculus Rift. Specialised goggles are sure to make your experience nothing short of spectacular. There are also VR helmets entering the marketplace, which block out all external light and sound- thus giving you a distraction-free VR experience.

A special controller can be used in order to interact with the casino environment once you enter the VR casino. Alternatively, you can also buy VR gloves that will connect you to the setting and make for a more realistic experience.

It is also recommended that your computer can produce 90 frames per second for the most effective experience.

Where are Virtual Reality Slot Games Available?

SlotsMillion is considered somewhat of a pioneer in the virtual reality trend. Since October 2015, they have offered players virtual reality experiences at their online casino.

Slotsmillion allows players to access their virtual casino by using VR goggles or just through a standard PC setup. The Slotsmillion virtual casino is located on the 80th floor of a skyscraper and leaning against a window in the casino gives players a very realistic sense of vertigo. There are as many as 40, 3D slots to choose from in the lobby.

While there are other online casinos that are starting to jump onto the VR trend, there are not many that can compete with Slotsmillion’s well-established virtual casino floor.

NetEnt- Leaders in Virtual Reality

Sweden-based software provider, NetEnt, are looked to as leaders in the virtual reality slot industry. NetEnt have created many slot games that are specifically designed for virtual reality play.

NetEnt’s very first VR 3D slot game was Gonzo’s quest, which remains as one of their most popular games. Gonzo’s Quest was showcased at ICE Totally Gaming 2018, the annual industry conference.

Other software developers that are keeping up with the VR trend include iSoftbet and Microgaming, who have also created an impressive variety of games.

Popular Virtual Reality Slot Games

Virtual reality slot games are very much like usual 3D slot games in that the coin value can be adjusted, they are packed full of stunning graphics and there are usually awesome features and animations. The major difference is that the virtual reality games are far more immersive. Imagine coins falling all around you as you hit the jackpot!

Some of the most popular virtual reality 3D slot games include:

  • Cosmic Fortune by NetEnt
  • Jack and the Beanstalk by NetEnt
  • Gonzo’s Quest by NetEnt
  • Twin (News - Alert) Spin by NetEnt
  • Starburst by NetEnt
  • Sugar Rush by Pragmatic Play

The Future of Virtual Slots

Virtual reality will definitely make its mark in the future of online casino gaming. While, at present, it is still not commonplace, it is expected that soon all casinos will have some form of virtual reality slot games. Many experts agree that virtual reality will attract a younger generation of players to virtual casino floors. With the exponential growth of technology, and the creative minds of the top software providers, the future of online slots and casino gaming in general is limitless!

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