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August 14, 2018

6 Hot Apps That Help With Dental Health

Apps do a nearly-endless variety of useful jobs for us now. They entertain us, they inform us, they help us keep track of things and reach our goals. Now even oral hygiene falls under the widening umbrella of subjects about which we can say, "There's an app for that!"

Below is a list of our six favorite oral hygiene apps. Give them a try and see if they can help you keep your teeth healthier!

1) Text2Floss

This isn't quite a smartphone app; it delivers helpful oral hygiene tips to your phone via text message. You start the program by texting a number and providing a little basic oral health information. Once the system is ready, it will send you a daily oral care tip every evening. Your responsibility is to send a return text saying whether or not you flossed your teeth that day.

After seven days of consistent use, you get a special text that delivers an oral health coupon. Both signing up and using the service are completely free. All you need to do is make sure that sending and receiving daily text messages won't expose you to any unwanted costs based on your phone plan's texting rates.

2) Teeth Whitening Tips

Whitening your teeth is an increasingly common oral hygiene goal. It can also be an expensive one given all the temporary whitening products being sold today. Would you like to save some money with effective do-it-yourself alternatives? You can get great whitening results using ingredients you already have around the home, like baking soda, orange peels, and apples.

This app delivers multiple recipes for cheap, effective tooth whitening blends. The app's database includes potent but under-recognized natural tooth whiteners, like strawberries, as well as the specific instructions needed to use them properly. Teeth whitening has grown into a multi-billion-dollar industry, but you don't have to spend a lot to brighten up your own teeth!

Additional features of the Teeth Whitening Tips app:

* App works offline

* Convenient and user-friendly

* Easy sharing features using Gmail and Google (News - Alert)+

3) Sorriso

Sorriso is a handy app that offers great features for adults, children, and parents. Its primary focus is on orthodontics. It delivers appointment reminders to both parents and children and keeps everyone's schedules synchronized using your devices' calendars. There are also kid-friendly features designed to take some of the sting out of wearing braces.

You can load up a countdown timer to show the days left until it's time to take off your braces. You can set daily reminders to wear or take out clear braces or retainers. The app even has a "smile time lapse" function that will help you build a video showing all the good work your orthodontics are doing!

Sorriso also includes sharing features. Kids and parents can easily swap information, and the app can also connect to Facebook (News - Alert). Dentists can get involved as well; Sorriso is an excellent way to record and share useful instructions for oral care.

4) Tooth Brushing Motivator and Mental Trainer

This iTunes app is designed to help you achieve multiple oral hygiene goals. It uses Dr. Einhardt Illing's creative brushing system to make your brushing more effective. The goal here is to ensure all of your teeth receive enough attention each time you brush them.

The Tooth Brushing Motivator app also has a "mental training" module that works with the principles of Chi Gong mouth rinsing. This portion of the app encourages both better dental health and overall well-being. The Tooth Brushing Motivator and Mental Trainer app earns top marks for both effectiveness and originality.

5) MyDentist

The MyDentist app is designed to build a speedy, effective bridge for communication between patients and their dentists. It provides clear and effective communication, particularly in emergency situations, delivering clearer, faster results than phone or voicemail contact.

With the MyDentist app installed, patients can deliver comprehensive reports to their dentist when they have a problem. The app lets you combine text messages, pictures, and more into the clearest possible message regarding your dental health issues.

The app can also provide clear instructions for getting to your dentist (or finding another dentist) no matter where you are. You can even set appointments and refer your dentist to other patients. Even if your dentist isn't using MyDentist (yet), the app is still a useful tool to have in an emergency. Anything that helps you find emergency treatment quickly is a potential life- (or at least smile-) saver.

6) Beam Dental

Turn the simple act of brushing your teeth into a fun social event with the Beam Dental app! Beam Dental's goal is to turn brushing into an engaging and rewarding experience instead of a chore that you're tempted to dodge.

The app uses a colorful interface and photos you take to track your brushing over time. There are rewards for achieving short and long-term care goals. Beam Dental also includes a brushing game and tools for finding nearby dentists. If you're looking for a little something extra to make brushing your teeth more enjoyable, the Beam Dental app might be just what the dentist ordered.

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