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January 25, 2016

Unified Office, Melting Pot Make Gouda Partners

By Kyle Piscioniere, Web Editor

Unified Office, a cloud VoIP and UC provider, is making some inroads with the restaurant industry. Last year they secured a contract with the popular Domino’s Pizza. Today, the company has finalized an agreement with The Melting Pot Restaurant of Sacramento, one of the few and finest fondue restaurants left in the U.S.

The restaurant industry is a tough nut to crack for UC companies. The high-pace server floor must coordinate between kitchens, servers, owners, and, of course, the bookkeepers. That requires highly accurate, flexible, and reliable solutions.

To fill that role, Melting Pot will deploy Total Connect Now, Unified Office’s VoIP and programmable business analytics tool.

Michael Frampton, the owner of the Sacramento Melting Pot, said, “I had been in search of, but unable to find, a solution provider who could help us to streamline and automate key operational functions in order to help us create the perfect night out for our guests. I also wanted to alleviate the time management constraints of my restaurant staff, a particularly glaring issue for us when handling reservations during peak busy times and after hours. The programmable nature of Unified Office’s communications service and business analytics allowed us to quickly automate and measure those key functions. In addition, their Visual Performance Suite Manager’s Portal provides the visibility we needed to respond quickly to each reservation request, and to manage and automate promotional messaging, allowing us to create stronger relationships with our customers.”

Frampton also commended Unified Office’s disaster recovery tools, as well; the restaurant has suffered several path failures due to power outages, but Unified Office has prepared contingency plans for that exact scenario.

That’s an exciting and difficult feature to implement, and it’s sure to come up when Unified Office’s Tom Phelan presents at ITEXPO next week. Unified Office will exhibit their solutions at the popular MSP Expo, while Phelan will sit on a Tuesday panel titled “Navigating the Digital Telco Transformation.” 

If this operation is a success, Unified Office may make contact with some of The Melting Pot’s other 124 U.S. franchises. That would feed Unified Office’s recent growth, which has largely been built on the strengths of both its cloud and VoIP offerings. 

Edited by Stefania Viscusi
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