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February 09, 2015

Text Messaging Grows to the Next Level with 'Business Texting'

By Rory J. Thompson, Web Editor

Think for a moment about three ways you get messages over your handheld device: Voicemail, Email or Texts. Which one are you most likely to respond to first and fastest? Most of us know the answer is ‘Text.” It’s immediate, complete, and can be answered with a few simple words or even an emoji. Hence, it makes sense for a smart business to focus on texts as a growth area.

That was the thought behind startup company Business Texter (News - Alert). To begin, the company explains on its website that its goal is “to put powerful text marketing software with big enterprise features in the hands of every business and organization. We are driven to create the most valuable features into one powerful package and provide the lowest cost solution for text marketing and customer service.” Those are powerful ambitions, but the company is well on its way to delivering the promise.

Company CIO Noreen Rucinski was at ITEXPO (News - Alert) in Miami recently and she sat down for a few minutes with TMC Group Editorial Director Erik Linask (News - Alert) to discuss her company and where it’s headed.

Linask began by asking what the company was about, and Rucinski explained by using a simple analogy.

“Everyone knows that IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response,” she said. “Well, instead of IVR, we’re ITR: Interactive Text Recognition.” Rucinski went on to emphasize her belief that everyone will stop what they’re doing to answer a text, and her company is in the business of making that action easier for everyone.

Linask wondered that if by doing so, might text become as ubiquitous and annoying as email? But Rucinski responded by saying, “You are the one who’d going to define the use of it. You have the ability to control who has access.” As such, business texting will be come a tool of the owner, and not another source of spam for the sender.

Rucinski explained that as we all become more connected with less time, texting will be taking on even greater importance, and Business Texter is in a position to help facilitate that.

Edited by Maurice Nagle
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