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October 10, 2014

The New link-U Hybrid SmartCam by Link-Union

By Daniel Brecht, Contributing Writer

Webcams have been in use for decades to capture and record digital video, audio and take photos. Today’s webcams are more sophisticated and can be used for a number of activities both within households and at work. Webcams can be installed on a network and broadcast live stream of video and/or audio. They can be used as part of a surveillance system and function as CCTV and motion detection recording system. IP Webcams are used to monitor pets, children, homes and offices from a distance easily through computers and mobile devices. Businesses use computer camera equipment in support of videoconferences via the Web.

With mobile devices becoming more and more part of everyone’s life, webcams are also evolving. Now webcams interact with apps to stream information to mobile phones and tablets, so users can have access to images wherever they are. Currently on the market are various models from different vendors; however, coming 2015, a new, innovative product could be released: the link-U SmartCam.

Recently, the Link Union IT Team took its prototype product to Indiegogo, the world’s most established crowdfunding platform, to receive support to begin production. The link-U campaign, which started on October 5 and will close on November 16, 2014, has a $50,000 goal set to carry on with the project. If enough funds are received, consumers will see link-U come out in the market as early as February 2015.

According to Founder Andy Benatti, the hybrid nature of link-U is what makes it so unique: it has twice the power (i.e., has standard Power over Ethernet and a backup 8-hour battery) and twice the connections (with LAN connectivity options—Ethernet port or Wi-Fi, and internal 3G/4G).

The new link-U Hybrid SmartCam by Link-Union, in fact, is a video monitoring camera with first-of-its-kind patent-pending hybrid technology that is designed to connect people and places from anywhere at any time without interruptions. Using the link-U on smartphones or tablets running iOS 8.0 or Android (News - Alert), users can stream or record events via SD Memory Card or cloud services, as well as remotely connect (via the app), to control and monitor their home in real time – in full, interactive HD – and gain peace of mind.

If the Internet goes down, there is no problem, the link-U can automatically switch to 3G/4G; this happens seamlessly without any complicated setup needed. If the power goes out, instead, link-U switches to its internal battery, as noted on the link-U Indiegogo webpage.

According to Luke DC Della Corte, the IT Designer, the hybrid technology that combines 3G-4G technology with an internal battery allows solving any connectivity problems typical of traditional cameras.

With the link-U, users will not miss a thing. The SmartCam has all the typical features needed by users. It can alert them to events in real time; users can then review recorded events that have been stored in an internal SD memory card. It features image detection, which comes handy to be alerted to any security intrusions.

There is no Cloud contract or DDNS service fees. The link-U will use the 3G/4G modem to define the proper IP address, and then it will switch to LAN, the company says. This is all it takes to begin to see "live" images in full HD, and listen, speak or interact, wherever and whenever is needed.  

Edited by Maurice Nagle
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