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October 16, 2013

5 Key Ingredients for Building a Credible Brand Name

In order to establish oneself and succeed in a competitive marketing environment, a company needs to have a reputable brand. Branding is defined by marketing experts as a name, sign or combination of several elements that distinguishes one seller from other groups.  

A brand name, which is credible, is one way to achieve growth and visibility in a competitive environment. is a well-known company which specializes in your brand’s online reputation management. reviews your existing business portfolio and reach, followed by deep-rooted data analysis resulting in a substantially ameliorated brand presence and projection.

Having credibility is crucial in creating a brand which is accepted and trusted by existing and prospective clients.  How does a brand get credibility? It gets it by gaining the trust of general public, by giving bona fide information, by being open and honest about the product, services or skills it is offering, by responding to their queries immediately and lastly by being consistent. These five elements would help any brand to achieve credibility easily. Let us look at them one by one.

1. Trustworthiness

It helps a business to grow and prosper when its customers start trusting its brand and buy it without hesitation. Trust develops when it becomes clear that the business follows honest and ethical business tenets. Trust is built when a business always performs highly; the product it supplies is not harmful. Trust is also given when the customers find over a period of time the organization does not change the product.  It changes it only after giving a clear indication that it is going to bring in some change in the item. An organization gains trust when its products come with a warranty and when the company provides quality products over a period of time.

2. Genuineness

Genuineness or being authentic is another crucial element which plays an important part in building a credible brand name. The company needs to clarify and openly declare its values and beliefs, which it follows now and deems to follow in future as well. Online businesses are always on a tricky wicket, blogs, discussion forums are always open to disgruntled clients who can openly express their opinions and harm its brand.  Clients also trust a company when they feel that the information it gives out regularly is frank and true.

3. Frankness

All the information given by the organization needs to be frank, true and genuine.  This also means the company should be open about the procedure which it follows, its methods of manufacturing etc. In a world which is internet savvy it is very easy to find out information by a web search so it is better for the organization to be as frank as possible with is clients and general public.

4. Immediate Response

An organization gains credibility when it responds immediately to any queries, complaints or suggestions of its clients or general public. It shows a level of efficiency which desirable in any is successfully run company.  Immediate response by service team goes a long way in creating an atmosphere of good will in public place which may help the company in its future growth.

5. Promptness and Regularity

A company gains credibility by delivering quality products promptly.  The products thus received by the clients should not deviate from the quality stated online or in advertisements. Clients do not trust a brand, which advertises one product and then delivers another one to them, different in quality or quantity.

The five elements discussed above, if followed to some extent, can help a business in gaining credibility for brands online.

Edited by Alisen Downey
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