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September 18, 2013

The Power of a Name: Branding Your Company for the Future

Singers and actors are probably the only people who know the value of names. Their names can either detract or attract customers. That is why so many of them change their maiden name to make it more appropriate for public. This mindset is equally true for companies. Ralph Lifshitz thought that his name was not good enough and wanted to add more flamboyance to his business. That is why he changed it to Ralph Lauren. And then the rest was history.

If we follow reviews, we will know that the fashion arena is filled with such alteration of names. When you hear of Victoria’s Secret, you immediately feel the mystery associated with a woman’s lingerie. It all started with the name and then it revolutionized the way people buy lingerie patterns.

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Let us find out key aspects of branding a company, product or label.  Here is a guideline that will help you create suitable branding:

Make it Short

This is a fast world where nobody has the time to wait. People whoosh past websites, and that is why you have an extremely short period of time to grab their attention. Your name should be short enough to be read in just a few seconds. If you look at the most successful names of the companies, you will know how brief their names are. The examples include Macy’s, Tiffany’s, Neiman Marcus, Kohl’s, Target (News - Alert), Bloomingdales and Chanel. They grab your attention even when you are busy crossing the street in heavy traffic.

Create Visual Charm

When you put the company sign just above the building doorway and watch it from afar, you will be able to know how appealing it is to people. You may take suggestions from people. You can ask them whether they find it attractive or not before you make it public. The visual presentation is not only about looking attractive. It is also about representing the desired image of your company. If it does not do the same, you may think about rebranding the entire concept as, once it is out in the public, it is extremely difficult to re-establish it. You should keep in mind the target market, the carried merchandise products and the location.

Be Consistent

You must spread the obvious news that the company is in the market to conduct business. The name of your company should be associated with everything possible. On the other hand, the most important rule of marketing is that you have to be consistent. The consistency is applicable to color, font, and style. It is your responsibility to train the customers to easily point out the logo of your company every time they see. The same is applicable to the company name or brand. For example, if you look at Versace, you will know that exact same logo and name are used for every packaging, website, sign and promotional material.

Be Unique

You must avoid using such a name that is already used by any other company. If the name of your company is similar to something that is already used by some other company, it may face legal difficulties to begin with. Anyway, it is not good for your customers to have the impression that your company is a clone or an imitation of another.

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