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July 24, 2013

Elitecore Technologies Supports European Operator's Lawful Interception Compliance

By Rory Lidstone, TMCnet Contributing Writer

Elitecore Technologies (News - Alert), a global provider of OSS/BSS solutions, is now helping a "leading European operator" enhance its lawful interception in data traffic by way of the Crestel (News - Alert) IP Log Management solution (CGNAT logging). This fully automated, one-click solution is actually designed to meet security, auditing and reporting requirements. With its ability to manage large volumes of natted logs and even log data up to 150,000 transactions per second, it is the ideal fit for this operator's purposes.

Meanwhile, Elitecore's Crestel solution also allows operators to comply with government regulations regarding data retention by extending log storage capacity to over a year via data compression and end-to-end strong services.

Earlier this year, Elitecore received the "most innovative BSS solutions company" award at the 7th NTA (News - Alert) ICT World Communication Award Ceremony for its next generation BSS transformation suite. Specifically, the company was recognized for its ability to enable next generation transformation with a BSS solution architecture that improves operational efficiencies.

Elitecore brings that level of quality to its Crestel IP Log Management solution, which differs from competing solutions with a GUI portal for nodal officers and regulatory agencies as well as support for incident tracking - with up to 17 flexible search field queries, including MSISDN, IMSI, MAC ID and IMEI. The solution also gathers data from GGSN, charging gateway and RADIUS, offering greater freedom in implementing correlation across backbone network elements, while supporting multiple deployment scenarios.

Furthermore, Crestel boasts a highly modular structure for collection, parsing, processing, distribution system and reports.

"With persistent threats due to cyber-terrorism, online crime and data theft, operators across both public and private networks are under legal obligation to identify incidents faster and with accuracy," said Dhaval Vora, vice president of Product Management at Elitecore. "What's more, our solution has quick traceability and needed scalability up to billions of records per day which supports IPv4 to IPv4, and IPv4 to IPv6 natting to address unrestricted growth operators are expecting in smart devices."

Edited by Stefania Viscusi
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