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June 06, 2013

Halon Launches Secure Load Balancer as First Line of Defense Against Network/Server Attacks

By Laura Stotler, TMCnet Contributing Editor

The Halon Secure Load Balancer has been launched by Halon, a provider of e-mail security solutions, routers and load balancers. The new solution is designed to act as the first line of defense against attempted attacks on servers and network peripherals.

The new offering from Halon works by distributing incoming data traffic to resources that can process it more efficiently, creating an overall more secure process. It may be run as a virtual server on an existing virtualization platform like VMware, or can be offered as a physical appliance sited within a data center.

The Halon Secure Load Balancer features an intuitive interface along with fast performance, cluster functionality and high-level security. The solution is based on standards like IPv6, and is built to meet the requirements of organizations of all sizes. The solution may be used in DNS servers, terminal servers and for Web traffic communicating through an encrypted connection over SSL certificates. These may be separated within the offering to specific web servers that have higher capacities.

"The Halon Secure Load Balancer is simple to implement and easy to work with on a daily basis," said Anders Lindborg, system administrator at Sandviken Energi, a Halon customer. "We suffered major issues with recurrent overloading of our servers, and the Halon Secure Load Balancer solved this problem right away. The performance exceeded our expectations immediately and provides the scalability we need."

"We believe in open modern standards, combined with clear and easy-to-use interfaces and the Halon Secure Load Balancer continues in this tradition," said Peter Falck, CEO, Halon. "We have learned from the development of our Security Router firewalls and applied it to the Load Balancer resulting in a fast, protected and fluid operating solution."

Halon is offering a free trial of the new solution through its website. The company serves a variety of customers, including large hosting providers, non-commercial and government organizations, municipalities and private companies of all sizes. Millions of users throughout the world are protected through Halon solutions.

Edited by Jamie Epstein
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