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June 05, 2013

Flimp5 Simplifies Trackable Multimedia Content

By Frank Griffin, TMCnet Contributing Writer

Multimedia content is used to address consumers by businesses, political campaigns, and many other organizations. It is an effective tool to deliver the desired message for targeted or large audiences. If the campaign is going to be delivered online, there are many different tools used to track the performance of the campaign. A new tool available to communications professionals from Flimp Media, a video and multimedia marketing and communications technology company, called Flimp5 provides detailed viewer engagement and response reporting without programming.

Flimp5 provides professionals the tools they need to quickly create video and multimedia content campaigns that can be tracked. The new platform is an easy-to-use integrated cloud solution that gives creators essential tools for trackable communication campaigns while reducing the amount of time and money it takes to launch a campaign. This platform is able to:

  • Quickly create and distribute trackable multimedia content without any programming or IT resources including video emails, video postcards, and landing pages
  • Track and report viewer engagement, response, and sharing activity reported by email address and other identifier data in real time
  • Provide security in the form of Automated IP address restrictions to ensure sensitive data can be accessed outside of the organization's IT network
  • Full integration of social media including Twitter, Linked-In, Facebook (News - Alert), and the organization's social media sites
  • Post data generated from the campaign directly to blogs and websites
  • Report HTML5 mobile device by email address

The Flimp5 is a web-based platform that can be easily integrated with the existing social media sites, e-mail servers, e-mail service providers, and intranets seamlessly.

"Over the past year we've listened closely to our corporate, health care and financial services clients that want to implement more engaging and responsive online video and multimedia communications for their employee and investor communications," says Flimp CEO Wayne Wall. “Today's communicators need to graduate from static email text and graphic messages with little or no tracking to creating rich interactive video and multimedia communications with in-depth engagement and response tracking by campaign and individual viewer. And now this can happen without getting the IT department involved."

Edited by Ryan Sartor
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