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June 03, 2013

Cisco Rolls Out Holographic Telepresence Video Conferencing

By Oliver VanDervoort, Contributing Writer

The Cisco Telepresence video conferencing solution has been at the front of enterprise meeting technology. Cisco (News - Alert) has rolled out a host of different Telepresence solutions that people are using all across the globe. Video conferencing has long been growing in popularity and companies around the world have been looking for ways to improve what the technology can do. Cisco believes it has taken a huge step forward with a new generation of video conferencing.

We’ve all seen the Science Fiction programs and movies that promise really interesting technologies that are all based on holograms. One of the coolest features of holograms is making them so that they actually look like you could reach out and touch whatever the digital picture is showing. Cisco Telepresence has actually managed to put together a video conferencing solution that will make you think that you can sit down and play a game of Texas Hold ‘em with whoever you are conferencing with.

Cisco rolled out the next generation of video conferencing last week, complete with holographic displays that make it look like people who are thousands of miles away are actually in the same room. The video quality of these holograms is not so perfect that you cannot tell that they are holograms, but it certainly a high enough quality that you can carry on a conversation as if you are standing next to the person you are conferencing with.

The technology allows for natural conversation with people who are in completely different time zones. The technology also allows those who cannot be in the same room with the live people and the holograms an easy way to tap into the tech and watch the conference like you would with any other telepresence solution. Cisco has managed to put together a new type of display that will bring the newest generation of video conferencing or one that is far easier to use on a large scale, depending on the kind of architecture an enterprise desires.

Edited by Rory J. Thompson
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