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May 21, 2013

Apple Stores Reach Record Revenue Per Visitor

By Robbie Pleasant, TMCnet Contributor

While the online war between Apple (News - Alert) fans and detractors seems to be a never-ending conflict, it paints a very different picture than reality. The Apple Stores are actually doing quite well, with a new record of revenue earned per visitor.

On average, Apple Stores see $57.60 from each visitor; between those who go there just to buy a new screen protector for their iPods, and those who purchase entirely new computers, that’s what it evens out to. Consider that Apple also saw a seven percent growth in visitors in the last quarter, brings it to around 250,000 customers in per store per quarter.

As a result, the company saw great growth in average revenue, with each store bringing in approximately $13 million per quarter. Profit per visitor is also on a steady rise, at around $12 per quarter.

With all those customers, Apple would still be seeing more if it could. The retail performance is actually held back by the size of the stores, since each has a maximum occupancy, as well as the number of stores they have. As such, many mall goers have found that their local Apple Stores have begun expanding into neighboring stores, while Apple also works on opening new stores both in and out of the U.S.

Of course, with the increasing demand and growth in its customer base means more Apple Store employees are required to match them. Each store employs around 110 people, give or take, keeping the average number of visitors per employee just about even with previous quarters.

This all looks like good news for Apple, which stands as the best retailer on a basis of sales per square foot. Each quarter it’s making the type of profit that many other stores have to wait for the holiday season to obtain, and its stores just keep expanding with no sign of overtaking its demand any time soon. Say what you will about Apple (and on the Internet, it’s a safe bet that people can and will say exactly what they want about it), but there’s no denying that the company is doing quite well.

Edited by Jamie Epstein
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