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May 14, 2013

A Geeks Guide to a Successful Home Redesign

Redesigning a home is never an easy task. It’s a giant balancing act that involves things like choosing a contractor, picking out appliances, choosing paint colors and much more. Starting a new redesign or remodel of your home without being extremely organized can quickly lead to a disaster that can cost you a ton of money. Fortunately, with the use of new technology, just about anyone can organize their entire redesign and see what it will look like before any actual construction is completed.

Getting yourself organized isn't as hard as it might sound. Breaking down the entire process into manageable steps will make life much easier. You will first need to brainstorm ideas for the new project. Browsing for pictures online of homes you like is a great start. Once you have a few ideas, a solid plan needs to be drafted. Normally, a contractor would create the plan, but it can now be completed via online technology for a deep discount. Finally, you can take your newly created design plan to your contractor of choice and know that you’re going to end up with exactly what you have in mind.

3 Steps to a Geek Approved Home Redesign

1.    Pinterest – One of the fastest growing social media websites around, Pinterest is all about photos. You can “pin” photos you enjoy to your digital pinboard so that you can share your interests with all of your friends. In the case of a remodel or redesign, you can pin photos that showcase design ideas that you really enjoy. This is a fantastic way to brainstorm your project.

2.    Houzz – Houzz is at the forefront of home design online. Basically, Houzz connects contractors and other home design professionals with the people who are in desperate need of their services. Use this site to get inspiration, talk to professionals, receive information on products related to your project, and more. Trying saving your Pinterest pictures to your Houzz Ideabook. From there, you can refer to these photos when speaking to a professional.

3.   Trimble Sketchup – The last step in the Geek Approved Home Redesign is to use Trimble (News - Alert) Sketchup to turn your ideas into a digital 3D model. Sketchup is free to download and comes with a ton of videos to help you along. In no time at all, you will be looking at a digital representation of your upcoming redesign or remodel. Take this to your contractor and tell them that you want exactly what you have designed in Trimble Sketchup.

As you can see, breaking down the organization process of your next bathroom, living room, kitchen, back yard, or man cave redesign is pretty simple! Those of us who are tech savvy have an edge over everyone who relies on contractors to come up with their design. Just combine Pinterest, Houzz, and Trimble Sketchup to create the design of your dreams! 

DIY Design Tools Infographic

Infographic designed by folks over at Tenshon, entitled : DIY Design Tools.

Edited by Ashley Caputo
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