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April 17, 2013

Top 5 Travel Gadgets

Traveling has gone from hassle to pleasure because of technology. Hindrances once unavoidable when traveling cross-country or even worldwide have become non-issues due to some great devices.

The following list covers some of the top travel gadgets for the most tech-savvy travelers.

1. Travel Ready Cell Phone (News - Alert)

Whether it's a road trip across the state or a flight to Europe or a trip to Morocco, a cell phone loaded with travel apps can be a great asset. Cell phones are number one on the list due to their Swiss army knife-like range of capabilities.

When downloading travel apps for that upcoming vacation, look for ones that are GPS related, currency conversion related, language translation capable, and gas station location capable.

When it's a trip overseas, make sure to get an international coverage plan for the cell phone in order to take full advantage of all the apps.

2. Cancelling the Noise

Flying can and will be noisy. When traveling across the globe, flight times can be in the double digits. So in order to cut the noise and get some much needed in-flight sleep, noise-cancelling headphones are the way to go. Not only do most noise cancelling headphone models drown out up to 80 percent of the noise, but personal music can also be filtered in to avoid the white noise created.

3. Luggage Fees

Most airlines charge passengers an extra fee for luggage that's over the specified weight limit. Avoid those extra fees by getting a digital, handheld luggage scale, which is convenient, small, and transportable.

So when the weight of that suitcase is questionable, make sure it's not over the limit before it gets to the checked baggage line.

4. Adapting the Power

For all those must-have travel electronics, a universal plug adapter kit could mean the difference between a powered up device and a paperweight. Adapter kits range in price, capability and country coverage, so pick the right plug kit. Many are universal as far as country requirements go, and some of the more advanced ones automatically adjust to the voltage increases and decreases from country to country.

5. Backup Power

All wireless devices have a running time, and battery life spans can differ from one device to the next. Take the fear of a dead cell phone or lifeless laptop out of the equation with a backup battery pack. There's a backup battery for almost any electronic device on the market, and they range in charging style from car charging units, to solar power chargers, to manual wind up chargers.

The next time your family takes a tour of Italy or cross-country road trip, travel in grandeur with the above gadgets. They'll make that in-flight experience more pleasant or help with alternate routes, thus making life that much easier. Safe travels...

Edited by Braden Becker
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