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March 22, 2013

Customer Service is Key to's Success

By Amanda Ciccatelli, TMCnet Web Editor

The desire to create and grow a business, no matter the size, requires a combination of character, talent, vision, energy and timing. One entrepreneur who had just the right mix, CEO Ari Rabban (News - Alert) and his partners Brian Scott and Michel Mann, created a successful 21st century phone company,, but Rabban had one special ingredient: exceptional customer service.

Today, Phone (News - Alert) .com’s customer service team run by Jeremy Watkin, director of Customer Service and Sales, is focused on supporting the unique needs of small businesses and entrepreneurs. (News - Alert) provides cost-effective access to the communication services needed to run a global business. It offers VoIP and cloud-based telephone service specializing in small-sized businesses and home offices (SOHO), as it operates its own private cloud for hosting and telephony.

According to Watkin, the most important aspects of growing a business from a customer service standpoint are quality and accessibility. “It is really all about making our product accessible to the customer, making our website simple and easy to use,” he told TMCnet in a recent interview.

Additionally,’s customer service department truly differentiates itself from others because it is U.S.-based and truly focuses on being fun, and real people talking to real people. “We don’t overly script our customer service processes. We want to connect with our customers and find real solutions for them and be honest enough with them so that if don’t have a solution for them we tell them,” explained Watkin.

To meet its customer phone system needs better, will do whatever it can to make that happen. In fact, according to Watkin, Rabban, VP Channel Development Joel Maloff (News - Alert), and EVP/CTO Alon Cohen, all bend over backwards for their customers. Even if it takes them out of’s core offering of products, they want to figure out how to do business with people.

Over the years,’s customer service has significantly grown. Recently, the company started the Communicate Better Blog, dedicated to talking about customer service, learning about customer service, introspection on how is improving its customer service, its customer service styles as well as networking with other people in customer service.

“We are just trying to make a difference in the world of customer service, which definitely needs it,” he added.

Looking into the future, Watkin wants to see customer service continue to be simpler, so that it’s easier for customers to access and get fast responses.

“I think the fact that we have a great team of people that really understand our service and our product, it’s a huge link for people that might be confused or need help,” said Watkin.

In fact, he and his team do a monthly report called the “Communicate Better Report” which includes the feedback from customers. “There is tons of great feedback, but I want there to be more. I want there to be 99 percent great feedback and one percent people complaining,” he added.

Watkin and his team also recently started a customer service Twitter (News - Alert) handle @phonecomsupport. “It’s a fun, new way for customers to reach I wanted to make us more accessible,” he said.

He explained “Customer service can be a job that can really wear on people and it’s important to inspire and make them realize that they have an opportunity to make an impact on people’s lives just by making their day better.”

These are just some of the steps has taken to provide the best customer experience possible. Satisfied customers make for good business, and the opposite is true as well, so follow’s lead and take the necessary steps to provide your customers with the best, most positive and easy experience possible, and it will help your business grow.

Edited by Amanda Ciccatelli
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