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January 31, 2013

Twitter Outage Strikes Again, Live Updates

By Braden Becker, Copy Editor

Twitter (News - Alert) is three for three in its crashes per week as of this morning. The popular micro blogging site is currently experiencing another outage right now. Errors by those logging on include “over capacity” notifications, and problems tweeting and retweeting for those who have accessed the main panel.

A representative from Twitter told TMC (News - Alert) that some users may be experiencing issues accessing Twitter and should check with their site status blog for the latest updates.

The website’s outage seems to flicker depending on the ebbs and flows of site traffic, but constant interruption is keeping most, including staff from TechCrunch, from accessing for more than a few minutes at a time. We here at TMC (News - Alert) are also experiencing issues logging on, Tweeting, and re-Tweeting for our followers. 

Disruption is affecting users both Web and mobile.

Image via Twitter

Having at least kept pace with the subscriber base of Facebook (News - Alert), as well as newer media like Pinterest, routine downtime is disconcerting for a firm that, like all others, should constantly look to distinguish itself from the cheaper and less reliable frontiers of the social Web.

Twitter is reputed with having unique cases of lag during large national and worldwide events as well. Tweeters’ live, hasty contributions to each one – such as President Obama’s second term inauguration – are surely a testament to why the site has struggled to stay afloat in the short term. And preceding this year's Super Bowl by only a few days, one can only hope its disruption isn't a sign of weakness headed into what is to be another flood of social commentary.

Update – Those who have surpassed the “Fail Whale’s” over capacity note are reportedly “finding the service extremely slow,” according U.K.’s The Register.

Update – Select parts of the Twittersphere have been restored, but service has continued to flicker for the majority of users.  

12:50PM: Twitter's status blog was updated a final time with information on the duration of its outage, which lasted from 10AM - 12:50PM. The issue has since been resolved.

"We apologize to users who were affected by this, and we’re working to ensure that similar issues do not occur," the company stated.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi
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