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October 01, 2012

ITEXPO Brings in Benbria BlazeLoop to Improve Delegate Experience

By Steve Anderson, Contributing TMCnet Writer

ITEXPO (News - Alert) Austin 2012 show kicks off this week in Austin, Texas, and with it will come a huge array of new products and services getting shown off for businesses of all sizes. But there's even something in the offing to improve the delegate experience at the event, and as such, TMC (News - Alert) has announced that they will bring in the BlazeLoop Customer Engagement system from Benbria to improve the overall experience.

Benbria's BlazeLoop Customer Engagement system allows delegates to offer up instant feedback on events taking place at the show, and in turn, allows ITEXPO's event managers to not only track issues taking place in real-time but also act and resolve those issues that come about, ensuring that the best possible end result takes place.

Since BlazeLoop not only allows for a one-on-one connection between customers and staff, but allows that connection to take place instantly and in real time, the end result is a much better overall customer experience as any problems that may materialize during an event--or during any other kind of customer experience, for that matter--can be addressed rapidly. Feedback forms and web surveys and the like can take time to disseminate down to the people best suited to address a problem, and by then, they're often left in a reactive rather than a proactive state, and that often diminishes the value of the customer experience. Fixing problems as they happen rather than making up for problems goes a long way in providing customer goodwill for the business that follows such a track.

TMC's CEO and Conference chairman, Rich Tehrani (News - Alert), described the importance of such a system with his remarks, stating, “Leveraging the Benbria solution, we’re able to listen and act on delegate feedback while at ITEXPO and exceed their expectations when it comes to providing an exceptional experience."

An important point of behavioral psychology that translates well into business management is the importance of immediacy. The closer a reaction comes to an event, the more likely the person experiencing the event is to associate the event with the circumstance in question. If a problem is solved quickly, the person--or organization--with the problem associates the business it's dealing with by having a quick response. That's a positive experience. There was a problem, but they fixed it quickly, is how many would respond, which is the most desired outcome to a problem a business can have.

Thus, ITEXPO's inclusion of the Benbria BlazeLoop Customer Engagement system is likely to give ITEXPO, and through TMC, a positive perception among companies who see that any problems are quickly addressed to the satisfaction of whoever had the problem. It's a smart stance for any business to take, and shows the overall importance of customer satisfaction.

Want to learn more about the latest in communications and technology? Then be sure to attend ITEXPO Austin 2012, happening now in Austin, TX.  Stay in touch with everything happening at ITEXPO. Follow us on Twitter.

Edited by Brooke Neuman
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