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August 15, 2012

Adobe Flash Player Support for Android Officially Ends Today

By Rory Lidstone, TMCnet Contributing Writer

"I'm going to destroy Android (News - Alert), because it's a stolen product," Steve Jobs is quoted in his biography.

Despite Steve Jobs' feelings toward the operating system, Android does differ from iOS in at least a few key ways. One of the more prominent features the OS boasts that iOS doesn't is its support for Adobe (News - Alert) Flash — or it was, anyway.

As of today, Adobe Flash Player is no longer officially available on Android devices. Android users that don't already have the Adobe Flasher Player installed on their device will not be able to download it from the Google (News - Alert) Play market.

This shouldn't be too surprising, as Adobe did announce last year that it would stop development for mobile versions of Flash. In June, the company said that the latest version of Android – 4.1, A.K.A. Jelly Bean – would not be supported by Flash Player, while also stating that the cut-off date for new devices to install Flash Player would be August 15.

Evidently, Adobe meant what it said.

Users who already have the Flash Player app installed can continue to enjoy Flash support, but if this is an important feature to you, you'd better backup your apps. Of course, the dedicated Android modding and development community may also have a way for users to unofficially install Flash, but that would require a rooted device.

Proceed with caution if you're a Nexus owner, however, as Adobe has warned that Flash Player on Android 4.1 may "exhibit unpredictable behavior."

Since making the decision to abandon mobile Flash, Adobe has attempted to phase out Flash Player on Android by not supporting pre-loading the software on new devices, while only updating Flash with critical security updates for existing devices.

This may prove to be bad news for Amazon, as some have stated that the Kindle Fire's Flash support is one of its major benefits over the iPad. With a possible seven-inch iPad on the way, the Fire may find itself with one less differentiator.

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Edited by Braden Becker
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