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July 20, 2012

HID Global Provides Wireless Identification

By Robbie Pleasant, TMCnet Contributor

Imagine a world where you don’t need to constantly scan ID cards or badges to get into work, rooms or through gates. While this may sound like the start of an infomercial, it’s actually the world envisioned by HID Global, and one they’re working to create through secure wireless identification.

I recently spoke with Jeremy Hyatt, the director of Global Public Relations for HID Global. During our meeting, he spoke of all the uses and benefits of HID’s, from businesses to hotels. HID is an industry leader in secure identity solutions, specializing in both physical access control and wireless mobile access.

Not only do they create ID badges that can store all sorts of data – such as identification, security credentials and even entire portfolios – but their mobile access technology can eliminate the need for physical cards.

With HID Global’s mobile access, one can store their ID on a NFC handset or personal handset with a NFC simcard, and communicate instantly and wirelessly via near field identification. Locked doors can identify approaching employees and unlock for them, eliminating the need to scan a badge, as well as the concern of losing or being unable to reach one.

Its applications can extend to a variety of areas, such as education, as it can let students in and out of their dorm or professors into a locked lecture hall, or hospitality, allowing guests in and out of hotel rooms without having to scan key cards each time.

HID even aims to make this technology a commonplace for homes; homeowners can securely lock and unlock the doors from a distance, and assign temporary permission to guests.

As the first company to use and manage identities over the air, HID Global has shipped over 150 million EIDs (electronic identification) as a company, and continues to receive orders for about 80 million a year. It will be presenting at ASIS in Pennsylvania in early September, and has plans to announce new pilots in the mobile access space there.

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Robert Pleasant is a writer for TMCnet, covering new news in the world of technology and communications. A graduate from UC Santa Cruz with a BA in Literature, Robert has been writing for years, but has only recently had his reports start appearing on websites such as TMCnet and UCStrategies.

Edited by Braden Becker
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