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May 30, 2012

Apple Buys Italian Music Editor Redmatica

By Colleen Lynch, TMCnet Contributor

Apple (News - Alert)-fans out there, especially those with musical tendencies, might want to take note: Apple reportedly purchased Redmatica, a startup out of Italy which specializes in digital music editing.

According to Italian blog Fanpage, the company has created four Mac-specific music editing apps—Keymap Pro, AutoSampler, ProManager, and GBSampler Manager. This could mean big things for both the companies involved as far as future collaborations go.

Keymap Pro is described on Redmatica’s website as a world class instrument building program with editing capabilities and a focus on sound design. AutoSampler is designed to “capture the sound of your hardware and software synths with one click,” and ProManager provides—what else—professional management for sampled music libraries. Redmatica also created GBSampler Manager, which works with Garageband, the iPad, the iPhone (News - Alert) or any Mac computer to allow users to manage, create, and edit sampler instruments for those specific devices.

The GBSampler Manager should have been indicative of a growing partnership between Redmatica and Apple, though the two companies are vastly different. Redmatica’s revenue last year was less than € 100,000, and it had an income of only € 26,000. The move must have been a no-brainer for Apple especially as the buyout could not have been too costly given those numbers, and the benefits could be large.

The companies are reportedly looking towards an “aqui-hire” agreement, which would integrate Redmatica’s employees into Apple’s own Logic Pro and Garageband teams to enable and encourage further innovation. 

Redmatica is based in Cupertino, Italy, and a weekly bulletin from Italy’s antitrust regulatory agency AGCM reported Apple’s purchase, as well as stating their full approval of the move.  

Edited by Amanda Ciccatelli
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