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May 18, 2012

GEANT, Mantychore Partner to Make Deploying Virtual European Research Networks Easier

By David Delony, Contributing Writer

GÉANT, a high-speed European communication network, and Mantychore, an EU-funded project, have partnered to make it easier for researchers to create virtual infrastructures.

“Experimental projects require increasing flexibility when they are creating Cloud and Grid-based infrastructures and this partnership between the GÉANT and Mantychore projects will make it easier and faster to create the virtualized environments that they need,” Tangui Coulouarn, product manager for GÉANT Bandwidth on Demand, said. “This collaboration demonstrates how GÉANT is working closely with the European research ecosystem to provide the tools and innovation for users to move forward in their research.”

The Mantychore project has created an open source framework called OpenNaaS. This allows reseachers in Europe to create virtual IP networks over the infrastructure of National Research and Education Networks (NRENs).

GÉANT has also created a Bandwidth on Demand (BoD) service integrated with OpenNaaS, allowing users to create their own virtual IP networks across multiple domains, with applications in medical technology, cloud computing, media, and grid computing, among others.

The OpenNaas software creates logical routers chosen by the users and connects them using GÉANT bandwidth, great speeding up provisioning time.

One project already using the new technology is the GreenStar Network (GSN) project, which is researching more energy efficient ways of deploying ICT technologies. They've built a virtual network of four nodes spread out across Europe using only renewable energy to power them. The monitoring software is powered by Mantycore, and distributes data among the nodes, which are connected via GÉANT's BoD infrastructure. The software ensures that renewable energy is used as much as possible for each node in the network.

“The provisioning of virtual infrastructures, together with an open source framework (OpenNaaS) that allows the community to extend and customize the framework to their needs and services, will provide major benefits and represent a major uptake to the current demands from the virtual research communities and the telecom industry. It is a step forward towards the convergence of ICT,” Sergi Figuerola, Mantychore project coordinator, said. “Mantychore, through OpenNaaS, aims to include GÉANT Bandwidth on Demand as an integral part of our project, making it simpler and faster to create virtual networks across Europe.”

Other Mantychore users include the University of Essex, Trinity College Dublin, UNI-C, NORDUnet (News - Alert) and Irish NREN HEAnet.

Edited by Brooke Neuman
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