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May 03, 2012

Facebook's New Timeline Tweak More Business Friendly

By Oliver VanDervoort, Contributing Writer

Facebook (News - Alert) is working hard to make their social networking site a little more attractive to businesses who recognize the benefit of social marketing. Their newest way of showing that they can actually be useful to the average business involves tweaking how the Facebook Timeline (News - Alert) can be used by developers. 

Since the Timeline has been released there have been a number of additions that seem to be suited more for a businesslike approach, even if they aren’t exactly businesscentric. The company is still trying to balance the social fun aspects with a more business minded approach and thinks they have found a function that users and companies will both like.

Up until the update was released, when someone listened to an artist or song on Spotify (News - Alert), the friends of that user were only able to either like or comment on the song update. When someone checked into a restaurant or store using Foursquare (News - Alert), the user’s friends were again, limited in how they could interact. 

Facebook has adjusted Timeline to make it more open to what certain developers want to do with it, and that has opened up what sort of interactions are allowed. 

Developers can now add a third interaction onto their timeline features. When someone logs that they have visited a restaurant or store on Foursquare, friends of the user can now “save this place,” making it easier to leave notes to themselves that they too should visit the establishment. has come up with its own variation, so when a user likes a particular product, other users can “fave that product,” broadcasting the product to more users quickly and easily.

Facebook sees these new functions as a way to make it easier to not only interact with other users, but with products and companies directly. It seems like a company like Spotify could also use this service to get certain bands not necessarily well known out to the public more easily and efficiently.

Edited by Braden Becker
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