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April 10, 2012

Senior Citizen Takes Responsibility for Hacking Al Qaeda Web Sites

By Tanya Palta, TMCnet Contributing Writer

“The Raptor” isn’t your typical American teen hacker, locked down in his parent’s basement taking down Web sites. In fact, the hacker who shot to fame by taking down Al Qaeda’s Internet presence is a senior citizen and “American patriot”, content waging war against terrorism in his own style.

Jihadists who congregate online, issue threats, communicate their demands and claim responsibilities, often use forums like the Shamukh Islamic Network and the Ansar al-Mujahideen. The American hacker is currently taking credit for bringing down the online forums used by Al Qaeda sympathizers and supporters. He also claims to be the man behind the attack on Al Qaeda’s main online forum, which took last month.

When for the first time one of these Web sites went down, “The Raptor” tweeted:

“Bow. Wave. Exit Stage Right. Curtains. Applause.”

As expected, The Raptor has captured the imagination of Americans and everyone is curious about his identity. He has already garnered many followers on Twitter (News - Alert), describing himself as “just another infidel defending cyberspace for God and country.”

The hacker described himself as “a grandfather and retired military man with a child serving active duty”Ó but didn’t further elucidate on his identity.”

“Our kids keep getting killed because jihadists make better bombs than they do cupcakes,” The Raptor added on Twitter. “Anything I can do to disrupt and demoralize the enemy is worthwhile and on the table.

“Some say I and others like me are Crusaders; that we hate Islam or desire to offend Allah,” he continued. “That is absolutely and fundamentally wrong. Some of my best friends are Muslims, and I love them. They don’t wish me harm, and I would give my life to defend them. This has only to do with violent criminals who cloak themselves in the wool of a good and peaceful religion to bring death and destruction to the world.”

“Credit is for banks – I don't care about credit,” he said. “I care about our kids surviving, and innocent people living in distant lands being able to go about their lives without fearing being blown up or being hacked into pieces. People can attribute actions to whomever or whatever they like. [But] when the blood stops flowing, the historians can make of it what they wish. I’ll just smile and play with my grandkids.”

Edited by Braden Becker
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