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March 15, 2012

Music and Technology in Perfect Harmony at SXSW

By Amanda Ciccatelli, TMCnet Web Editor

There were plenty of interesting and innovative creations that blended music with technology at the South By Southwest Festival(SXSW (News - Alert)) in Austin, Tex. But, did you ever think there would be a microphone that could be controlled by a hand motion or a bike that could read your mind?

The so-called UFO is a microphone device created by an electronic music band called Phantom out of Finland, NY1 reported. It allows users to control virtually any sound by moving their hands around these sensors and then the distance from the sensors actually alters the pitch.

"You can control it with your laptop and you just kind of play air guitar," said Hanna Toivonen of Phantom.

In addition, Liquipel has developed a nanotechnology coating for making any piece of electronics completely waterproof and it is now applied to Blue microphones, protecting them from salivating singers, in more ways than one. It was through a demand for water resistant electronics and a revolutionary new technology that Liquipel was born. With Liquipel's nanotechnology and anti-bacterial offerings , germs no longer stick to the device.

Switching gears, reported SXSW also featured a bicycle that allows riders to switch gears using just their minds. Through headgear full of brainwave-reading sensors, which can be built into a helmet, the bike gears can be switched. The Prius X Parlee (or PXP) Bike combines technology with eco-friendly materials even for those who aren’t expert cyclists.

In partnership with Deeplocal, the concept includes a helmet that enables the cyclist to switch gears through “thought-sensitive” technology. The technology can be trained to even remember GPS coordinates in order to shift the same way each time you bike to the same destination. Elements were positioned to facilitate connection between the bike and the rider for the exchange of the flow of information. The prototype PXP includes smartphone integration for tracking speed, pace, and distance.

As we become more accustomed to technology and a variety of interfaces, it will become almost subconscious in the near future.

Edited by Jamie Epstein
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