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March 13, 2012

Goodwill Integrates with Inspect2Go Application

By Monica Gleberman, Contributing Writer

Goodwill Industries International of Southeastern Wisconsin, Inc. has decided to start using a brand new smart device application called Inspect2Go, designed to help during the food safety inspection process.

The new application, which is available on smartphones, Android (News - Alert) devices and iPads, comes complete with checklists, food safety audit forms, sanitation information, a question and answer section, and other technologies to help companies stay on top of their regulatory requirements. The application can be personalized for any business to allow it to maintain data from daily, weekly, or monthly checks.

Inspect2Go lets inspectors to walk through a venue and keep detailed notes, pictures, and lists of any infraction they notice. These can then be backed up to a cloud service or computer, making the entire process more accurate and completely virtual. This new virtual service will make inspections quicker, less costly, and more streamlined.

“Inspect2Go adapted its food safety software to our unique needs,” said Joe Nikolaus, director of Process Improvement and Review for Goodwill Great Lakes. “The iPad app will reduce our costs and improve food safety for our Navy Sailors,” added Nikolaus.

Paul Smith, president of Inspect2Go, said he is glad his company has partnered up with Goodwill. “This project has a special place in our hearts. We are honored to play a small role in assisting Goodwill and the U.S. Navy,” said Smith.

Goodwill is a not-for-profit organization that provides job training, employment placement services and other community-based programs for people who are currently disabled, lack the education needed, or have been facing extreme hardships.

Goodwill is commonly known throughout the United States as the company behind the largest network of non-profit retail stores. The company has been in operation for over 100 years and has earned more than $4 billion in revenue. More than 80 percent of that revenue has been given back to residents and communities.

Inspect2Go said their app could be used in numerous markets such as franchise restaurants, nursing homes, hospitals, and even school cafeterias. When a company needs to keep up with state regulations and has food, the app can be personalized to fit that specific company’s needs. Inspect2Go hopes to expand its services to more companies looking to go paperless. 

Edited by Jennifer Russell
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