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February 17, 2012

Google Readying Next Android Version 5.0

By Ashok Bindra, TMCnet Contributor

Even though Google’s (News - Alert) latest Android version 4.0 operating system, Ice Cream Sandwich, has just started to power the new generation of mobile devices (smartphones and tablets), media reports indicate that the search engine giant is already readying a new Android (News - Alert) version for future devices. According to Appolicious, a site dedicated to Android apps, the rumor is that Google is working on the next version Android 5.0 Jelly Bean, which is expected to be released in summer.

Appolicious reporter Kristen Nicole wrote that this news comes from DigiTimes. As per the report, DigiTimes obtained this information from some Taiwanese manufacturers.  

According to Appolicious, Jelly Bean is being optimized for tablet PCs, netbooks and notebooks. The report suggests that in the new Android version, Google is incorporating elements of Chrome to push the idea of dual-operating system design. As a result, Nicole wrote, “Brand vendors can either choose to adopt only Android 5.0, or they can add it to Windows 8 devices with the ability to switch between the operating systems without shutting down the computer.”

The report indicates that the dual-operating system design is an interesting strategy as it supports the growing need for cross-platform software, and it could also help Android 5.0 gain some new ground in the mobile space.

As per the Appolicious report, Google has already released a netbook that runs its Chrome OS, and recently added the Chrome browser to Android’s platform. This move by the search engine giant suggests that Google is planning to increase Chrome’s presence in mobile devices, wrote Nicole.

However, according to Nicole, as the two giants, Apple (News - Alert) and Microsoft, tighten their tactics around their own connected devices, “Google will need to expand in both hardware and software to maintain Android’s relevance.”

The report shows Google’s Ice Cream Sandwich has barely reached about 1 percent of users since release. And there are many implementation issues concerning Ice Cream Sandwich OS.   

Ashok Bindra is a veteran writer and editor with more than 25 years of editorial experience covering RF/wireless technologies, semiconductors and power electronics. To read more of his articles, please visit his columnist page.

Edited by Stefanie Mosca
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