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Alex is a passionate writer, editor, and multimedia content advisor. He earned his Bachelor of Arts from Illinois State University in 2015, where his concentrations included English literature, Spanish linguistics, and cinema studies. Since then, Alex has managed specialized content for a live entertainment production company, an IT managed service provider, national print media, and global e-commerce.

Latest Articles

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Enhancing Connected Access Experiences: SwiftConnect, Expected to Expand - 10/19/2023
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Kuva Systems and Montrose Environmental Group Form an IIoT/ESG Collab to Enhance Environmental Data Technology - 10/18/2023
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Securing the Future: Reflecting on Being Online and How the Right Security Makes All the Difference - 10/16/2023
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Fibocom Plans to Take IoT to the Next Level - 10/13/2023
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Quectel and Amarisoft to Revolutionize Adoption of NTNs for IoT - 10/13/2023
Schneider Electric Studies How Retrofitting Buildings is a Strong Pathway to Decarbonization - 10/12/2023
Sasken and Qualcomm Partnership to Drive Meaningful Change for IoT - 10/12/2023
Butlr's New AIoT Sensors to Reshape the Future of Senior Care - 10/12/2023
Advancing 5G and IoT: Innovation from Wiliot Takes on the World - 10/11/2023
Real-Time Humidity Sensing in IoT: How Wiliot is Transforming Supply Chain Visibility and Product Quality - 10/11/2023
Everynet Avails LoRaWAN Connectivity Using AWS IoT Core for LoRaWAN - 10/11/2023
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Laird Connectivity's Vela IF820 Series Simplifies IoT with Bluetooth Upgrade - 10/10/2023
Engage, Specialize, and Expand: AireSpring Secures Expert Certification from Fortinet - 10/10/2023
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AI in the Land of Lincoln: Pro Com Services of Illinois, Inc. Succeeds with's Services - 10/06/2023
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20% of American Households Now Have a Smart Video Doorbell - 09/29/2023
Aware of the Benefits, Aware of the Future: floLIVE and Qualcomm Collab to Enhance Global Connectivity on Qualcomm Aware Platform - 09/29/2023
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Lighting the Path: What the Completion of Bluetooth NLC Means for IoT - 09/28/2023
Hybrid or In-Person Work Over the Next Decade? New Data Points to the Former - 09/28/2023
MTN Group Awards Eseye a Multi-Year IoT Connectivity Contract for Africa - 09/28/2023
The ROI on AI: New Survey Reveals Organizations' Investment Priorities in Intelligent Automation - 09/27/2023
Critical Protection for Complex IoT Applications: Secure-by-Design, from Telit Cinterion - 09/27/2023
Sternum's IoT Defense Shines with UL Solutions' Diamond Level Qualification in Security - 09/27/2023
Soracom Announces New Plan-US for IoT in Partnership with UScellular - 09/27/2023
New Tools from Renesas Expand Solutions for AIoT Developers - 09/26/2023
Boosts from GPT-4: Harvard Studies Enterprise Performance Gains from GPT-4 - 09/26/2023
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LogMeIn Rescue, to the Rescue: Forrester Studies GoTo's Support Capabilities - 09/22/2023
Modern Keystones of CX Success: New Report Reviews Competitive Growth Differentiators and Trends - 09/22/2023
Safe, Equitable Mobility: New SMART Traffic Solution for NCDOT, Courtesy of NTT DATA - 09/21/2023
Comprehensive Cybersecurity Solutions: Rackspace Taps Palo Alto Networks - 09/20/2023
HARMAN DTS and Lexmark Innovate via New IIoT Solutions - 09/20/2023
A Story of Care: AvaSure and Ouva Establish a Partnership to Integrate Virtual Healthcare Solutions - 09/20/2023
AT&T and Comcast Join the 5G Open Innovation Lab as Founding Members to Engage Communities, Fueling Innovation - 09/19/2023
Technology for Good: ALE and Nokia Partner to Support Grand Paris Express - 09/19/2023
Quasar and PTC Establish a Data-Driven Partnership for IoT - 09/19/2023
Rockwell Automation Acquires Clearpath Robotics to Improve Autonomous Production Logistics - 09/19/2023
Treon, Ready to Triumph: 5.5M Euros Series A Funding with Ventech to Power New US Expansion - 09/18/2023
Treon, Ready to Triumph: €5.5M Series A Funding with Ventech to Power New US Expansion - 09/18/2023
Smarter Factories and Supply Chain Ops: Ericsson, AWS, and Hitachi America R&D Make it Happen - 09/18/2023
Intelligence, Flexibility, and Control: The Launch of Kajeet's New smartSIM - 09/18/2023
YOLO: What This Means for IIoT Use Cases, and How ResGreen is Harnessing it to Optimize Large-Scale Operations - 09/12/2023
Savant Systems Selects Juniper Networks for AI-Driven Smart Home Automation Solutions - 09/11/2023
Enhanced Safe Browsing: New Real-Time Phishing and Malware Protection in Google Chrome - 09/08/2023
A Connected Reliability Journey in IIoT: Fluke Reliability Acquires Azima DLI - 09/08/2023
The Future of Home Energy Management Systems: Tuya Examines Global Impacts - 09/07/2023
Silicon Labs New Amazon Sidewalk SoCs to Accelerate Long-Term Adoption - 09/07/2023
A New Stance on Cybersecurity: Costa Rican Government Takes Firm Action to Enhance National Cybersecurity Posture - 09/07/2023
Private 4G and 5G NaaS for Enterprises, from Federated Wireless and VMware - 09/07/2023
US Signal and Cato Networks: Strong Connectivity for Critical Applications - 09/06/2023
Verizon, Ericsson, and MediaTek Advance 5G Ecosystem Capabilities for IoT - 09/06/2023
eSIM/iSIM Shipments to Exceed $1.4B by 2028 - 09/06/2023
ZEDEDA Certified Edge Computing Associate Certification to Support Growing Uses of Edge Computing - 09/06/2023
Natural Gas Detection with Integrated NB-IoT/LTE-M Connectivity, Courtesy of eLichens and Sequans - 09/05/2023
NETGEAR's New PR60X Total Networking Solution for Small and Mid-Sized Businesses - 09/05/2023
SatStation EdgeMate, an IoT Hub for Seamless Connectivity and Efficient Data Transmissions - 09/05/2023
A New 'Pearl': Global Employment Platform Oyster Debuts AI-Powered Virtual Assistant to Support Workforces - 09/05/2023
Laminar Expands DSPM Platform with Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive Support - 09/01/2023
'The Next Frontier in Data Security': Rubrik Acquires Laminar to Boost Cyber Recovery and DSPM Operations - 09/01/2023
Rubrik's AI-Powered Cyber Recovery Tool is Guiding VMWare Customers - 09/01/2023
A Tall 'Ordr' for IoT: Industry Demands for Connected Device Security Rise - 08/31/2023
A Solid, Zero Trust Program: Studying Current Challenges, Risks, and Rewards - 08/31/2023
Sailing with Speed and Style: SailGP and T-Mobile Elevate Fans' Experiences with 5G-Powered, Immersive Racing Devices - 08/31/2023
Transformational Telemedicine: Programs' Successes and Shortages, and Patient Satisfaction - 08/30/2023
Versa Networks Reveals New VersaAI-Assisted Capabilities for SASE, SD-WAN, SSE, and ZTE Products - 08/30/2023
Autonomous Robot Carriers (ARCs) at Peachtree Corners: Clevon Deploys its Smart ARCs with T-Mobile Connectivity - 08/30/2023
Speaking with Smart Vehicles: SoundHound AI and Togg Deliver Refreshing Experiences for Drivers and Passengers - 08/29/2023
Soracom Meets IoT Connectivity Demands in Brazil with New Plan - 08/29/2023
Avanci 5G Connected Vehicle Program Simplifies Next-Gen Technologies - 08/29/2023
Accelerating Software-Defined Vehicle Innovations: A Collaboration Between Blackberry and mimik - 08/29/2023
Nurses, Caregivers, and Life-Saving IoT: A No-Camera Fall Detection Solution from Vayyar and SenSights.AI - 08/28/2023
Integrate Physical and Information Security Systems: Info-Tech Publishes Critical Insights for IIoT - 08/28/2023
Creating Smarter ADAS Solutions for EVs: Horizon Robotics is Partnering with Aptiv PLC and Wind River for Chinese Markets - 08/28/2023
AI-Powered Water Leak Detection for Homeowners, Courtesy of Lisios - 08/25/2023
Awarded a Canadian Provincial Services Contract, Draganfly's Drone Pilots and Technology to Support Wildfire Recovery - 08/25/2023
New Vodafone NB-IoT Certification for STMicroelectronics' Latest ST87M01 Module, Presenting More IoT Opportunities - 08/25/2023
Actelis Selected by the US Air Force for IoT Networking Modernization - 08/24/2023
Leading Smart City Peachtree Corners Selected by Audi for New Roadway Safety Developments - 08/24/2023
Beep and Oxa Break New Ground for Autonomous Vehicle Deployment in the US - 08/24/2023
Asimily Studies the Internet of Medical Things: How Adopting a Holistic, Risk-Based Approach is Key for HDOs - 08/23/2023
Trident IoT's Beginnings: Addressing RF Technologies and Key Supply Chain Challenges - 08/23/2023
NETGEAR'S New Pro Router Delivers Network Solutions for Both Residential and Commercial Installations - 08/23/2023
Additional IoT Connectivity Solutions in EMEA, Courtesy of Blues' Expansion - 08/22/2023
Newly Approved Open Testing and Integration Centres are Innovating for the Future of O-RAN - 08/22/2023
As Coverage Demands Rise, emnify Delivers Cloud-Native IoT Connectivity for Brazilian Markets - 08/22/2023
Following Wimbledon, IBM Serves Another Ace by Bringing Generative AI to the US Open - 08/21/2023
Edgecore Networks Introduces New Cutting-Edge Smart Switch Offerings - 08/21/2023
On a Mission to Secure the World's Data: Rubrik Announces Generative AI Cyber Recovery Tool - 08/21/2023
Harmonizing Opportunities for Enterprise-Scale Operations: Sonata Software Launches New AI Offering - 08/18/2023
Asset Intelligence and Observability is Key: Sevco Security Debuts New Ways to Hunt Vulnerabilities and Maximize CAASM - 08/18/2023
Telit Cinterion's deviceWISE AI Visual Inspection Tool Streamlines IIoT - 08/18/2023
Nivriti Solutions Global and Unite to Initiate $25M Capital Raise for Innovative Logistics Solutions in IoT - 08/17/2023
Versa Networks Secures Another Win, According to the latest Forrester Wave Report - 08/17/2023
A New Strategic Access Network Partnership: Nokia and Eastlink to Enhance 5G Network Capabilities - 08/17/2023
From Omdia, a Channel Partner Strategies Intelligence Service for Vendor and Supplier Growth and Education - 08/16/2023
More Creative Solutions for Students' Well-Beings: Soter Technologies and Assek Technologie are Partnering to Protect Institutions - 08/16/2023
T-Mobile Slices Competition with New Network Slicing Beta for Developers - 08/16/2023
The Curiosity Lab at Peachtree Corners is Now Joined by Siemens to Further 5G EV Infrastructure Projects - 08/15/2023
Freedom to Switch: Avoiding IoT Vendor Lock-In and Achieving Flexibility with 1NCE - 08/15/2023
A Billion-Dollar Bet on AI? The Potential Game-Changer for Fintech - 08/15/2023
What's a Must for IoT Enterprises? Omdia Studies the Markets - 08/14/2023
New Customized Private Wireless Network Solutions, Courtesy of UScellular and Ericsson - 08/14/2023
Trimble Agriculture APIs Expand Value for Farmers and Agribusiness Partners - 08/14/2023
A Nation-Leading Cybersecurity Blueprint: New York State Announces New Strategy to Thwart Threats and Reinforce Digital Infrastructure - 08/11/2023
At Generative AI Expo, Learn More About ChatGPT and Why It Might Generate $1B in Revenue by 2024 - 08/11/2023
Zero Trust Hype: Versa Networks Listed by Gartner as a Sample Vendor for Universal ZTNA - 08/10/2023
Never Dropped at a Sign of Trouble: Firstsource's FirstSenseAI Platform Helps Businesses Improve CX Workflows - 08/10/2023
Fortinet Adds New SD-WAN Services to Portfolio for the Modern Enterprise - 08/10/2023
Versa Networks' ZTNA Solution Earns its Official Recommended Rating from CyberRatings - 08/09/2023
The Costly Impacts of Ignoring Cybertruth: ExtraHop Takes a Differentiated Approach to Security - 08/09/2023
What's New in Private 5G for Enterprises? Ask VVDN Technologies - 08/09/2023
NaaS by Nile Prioritizes Simplified ITOps and Securely Transformed Operations - 08/08/2023
Federated Wireless and WWT are Delivering Turnkey Private Wireless LTE and 5G Across IoT Use Cases - 08/08/2023
Schneider Electric Hits New ESG Milestones in Sustainability Impact Program - 08/08/2023
New Headset Offerings from Cyber Acoustics Meet the Demands of Contact Center Environments - 08/08/2023
New Report Gauges Organizations' Takes on Zero Trust and Deep Worries About Unsafe VPNs - 08/07/2023
The Future of Holoportation: William Shatner and Proto Demonstrate the Next Phase of Beaming In for Video Conferencing - 08/07/2023
A Boost to the eSIM Marketplace: Airalo Successfully Raises $67.3 Million in Series B Financing - 08/07/2023
Preserving History with IoT: Semtech and Kairos Collaborate to Support the Iconic Ghirardelli Square - 08/04/2023
Hoppin' Toward Deeper Communications: RingCentral Acquires Events and Session Assets from Hopin - 08/04/2023
Microsoft Protects the World's Biggest Event Stages: A Real Cybersecurity Snapshot for Understanding Digital Threats - 08/04/2023
A UJET-Google Cloud Integration with ServiceNow for Optimized CX - 08/03/2023
Perceptions of AI in Healthcare: New Tebra Report Examines Sentiments from Patients and Providers - 08/03/2023
The Beauty of Breaking Barriers: Language I/O to Upgrade its Translation Services via Generative AI - 08/03/2023
Soracom Expands Partnerships to Boost iSIM Commercial Growth in IoT - 08/02/2023
BreachRx Introduces Cyber RegScout, Reinventing Cyber Regulatory Analysis and Breach Prevention - 08/02/2023
New ZEDEDA Suite Provides Improved Edge Application Services - 08/02/2023
Airbus and Astrocast Push the Boundaries of Satellite IoT - 08/01/2023
Genpact and Microsoft Collaborate to Accelerate Enterprise Innovation via AI - 08/01/2023
The Full Spectrum for Wisconsin: Spectrum Enterprise Expands its State Offerings - 08/01/2023
An Open and Scalable Future: 5G Infrastructure from Intel and Ericsson - 08/01/2023
It Takes Three to Tango: Pocketalk, SoftBank and 1NCE are Connecting the World with Expanded Language Translation Ventures - 07/28/2023
The Full Spectrum for Wisconsin: Spectrum Enterprises Expands its State Offerings - 07/28/2023
Experts Discuss How LPWAN is Paving the Way for Smarter City Applications - 07/28/2023