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Alex is a passionate writer, editor, and multimedia content advisor. He earned his Bachelor of Arts from Illinois State University in 2015, where his concentrations included English literature, Spanish linguistics, and cinema studies. Since then, Alex has managed specialized content for a live entertainment production company, an IT managed service provider, national print media, and global e-commerce.

Latest Articles

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From Semtech and Connected Development, the XCVR Development Board and Reference Design for IoT - 06/02/2023
A Humble Abode: New Security Kit Offerings for a Safer Smart Home - 06/02/2023
Newgen Launches OmniXtract 4.0, Streamlines Intelligent Data Extraction from Documents - 06/02/2023
Spotify's AI DJ is Gaining Traction, Expanding into New Markets - 06/01/2023
At the KORE of Sustainability: Actioning Environmental Improvements in IoT - 06/01/2023
ESG in IoT: Semtech Furthers Commitments to Global Sustainability - 06/01/2023
Nearly Every US State Files Against Avid Telecom over Billions of Illegal Robocalls - 05/31/2023
Bridging Digital Divides: Nokia and MetaLINK to Provide Broadband Access to Rural Areas - 05/31/2023
On a Mission: Fintech Teams at Mission Lane are Finding New Applications for AI - 05/31/2023
Laird Connectivity Sensors and Iridium Edge Solar: A Partnership for Asset Ecosystems in IoT - 05/30/2023
A New Series of Versatile LoRaWAN Modules from Laird Connectivity - 05/30/2023
Streamlined IoT Device Management from Laird Connectivity - 05/30/2023
The Next Generation of Conversational AI, Courtesy of Character.AI and Google Cloud - 05/30/2023
An AI Chief of Staff: Automated Work Assistant Xembly has been Equipped with VoicePrint - 05/26/2023
Volvo Group's EV Safety App with AR Technology for First Responders - 05/26/2023
Recognition of Growth in IoT: Global Telecom Recognized with Award by ACG - 05/25/2023
Semitech Semiconductor Dual-Mode Communication Platform Receives G3-PLC Hybrid Certification - 05/25/2023
Speech-to-Speech Translation: How Orion's Frontline AI Removes Language Barriers for Workforces in Need - 05/25/2023
AI at the Drive-Thru: Wendy's and Google Cloud are Piloting FreshAI to Assist Customers - 05/24/2023
Secure Remote Computing: Zero-Trust Network Access via Leostream and AWS - 05/24/2023
Jasper Everywhere: Jasper AI is Now in the Google Cloud Marketplace - 05/23/2023 Launches YellowG Platform to Propel Enterprise Conversations - 05/23/2023
Securing APIs: New Research Highlights APIs as an Extreme Attack Vector - 05/22/2023
Fewer Noodles, More NaaS: Silicon Valley's Ramen Debuts RamenSN - 05/22/2023
Xoxoday and Workato: A Partnership to Transform Rewards and Recognition Programs - 05/19/2023
Cloud Securities on Cloud Nine: Check Point Announces Azure Virtual WAN Integration - 05/19/2023
Smart Marketing, with ChatGPT: Utilizing GPT-4's New Web Browsing Feature - 05/18/2023
For Retail and Beyond: ServiceNow Acquires G2K to Transform Workflows - 05/18/2023
An Answer to Labor Shortages? Adaptive Robotics, from Flexiv and Cardinal Machine Company - 05/18/2023
A Human-Machine Duet: Google Introduces its Duet AI for Google Workspace - 05/17/2023
A Federated Approach to AI: A Zoom-Anthropic Partnership - 05/17/2023
Inseego Launches its Next-Gen 5G Router Upgrade with UScellular - 05/17/2023
Actions and Consequences: XCast Labs Sued by the FTC for Network Misuse - 05/16/2023
Not Destined for Greatness: Cisco's Coverage of New Phishing Dangers - 05/16/2023
Home Sweet Smart Home: The Perks of Arlo's Subscription Plans - 05/16/2023
Microsoft 365 Copilot: Transforming Workflows with Generative AI - 05/15/2023
Simpler Scheduling with AI: Agent CRM Launches its ScheduleBot - 05/15/2023
'Warehouse Cleaning, Without Compromise' - Avidbots Launches its Neo 2W Autonomous Cleaning Robot - 05/15/2023
Applied UAS Forensics: A Drone Security Certification Course from SkySafe - 05/12/2023
SAS IoT Partner System has Welcomed HTEC Group for New Digital Solutions - 05/12/2023
Outpacing Competitors, AGON by AOC Monitor Lineup Recognized by the IDC - 05/12/2023
A Cool Game-Changer: JetCool Secures Federal Backing for its Sustainable Solutions - 05/12/2023
Infobip SMS for Marketing: Now Available Natively via Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integration - 05/11/2023
Next-Gen Lithium-Ion Battery Packs: In-Progress Innovation from Flux Power Holdings and UL Solutions - 05/11/2023
Orange Jordan Selects Nokia for Breakthrough in its 5G RAN Implementation - 05/11/2023
People, Processes, and Technologies: How Organizations are Viewing Cyber Preparedness - 05/10/2023
Embracing the New Normal (and Abnormal): Rising Security Challenges on the Digital Frontier - 05/10/2023
A reMarkable Tool: A Smart Digital Notebook for 2023 - 05/09/2023
Channel Strategies: How Granite Telecommunications is Investing in its VAR Partner Program - 05/09/2023
Updating the Vision: To Drive Channel Growth, Nextiva Expand its Leadership - 05/09/2023
Emerson's SolaHD has Launched its IIoT Network Connectivity and Power Supply Solution - 05/08/2023
Home Security Solutions for Peace of Mind, Courtesy of Arlo - 05/08/2023
ECOVACS ROBOTICS: Smart Needs for Homes with Pets - 05/08/2023
Google Launches Cybersecurity Certificate Program to Support Workforce - 05/08/2023
Is Vertical Farming the Future of Agriculture? How the Siemens-Infinite Acres Partnership is Future-Proofing Sustainability - 05/05/2023
Evolving Recipes for Connectivity: Baicells Contributes to a New and Highly Capable LTE Solution - 05/04/2023
Heavy Lifting in IIoT: Alleviating Labor Shortages as Challenges Impact the Supply Chain Industry - 05/04/2023
A Partnership in Paradise: Mobi and T-Mobile Partner to Transform Experiences with 5G - 05/04/2023
Responses to the Energy Crisis: Price Hikes, Sleepless Nights, and Push Toward Sustainability - 05/03/2023
5G and the Connected Home Experience: Challenges, Expectations and the Importance of Visibility - 05/02/2023
Nebulon Advances Zero-Trust Security With New Initiatives for Enterprise Protection - 05/02/2023
With the Integration of Zendesk Support, AgentAssist from Elevates Contact Center Efficiency - 05/01/2023
Somfy's New Smart Home Products Benefit from Zigbee 3.0 Technology - 05/01/2023
AMRs and Optimized IIoT: Enhanced Warehouse Fulfillment Workflows via Ivanti Wavelink and Zebra Technologies - 05/01/2023
The Challenges CISOs Face, and What They Need to Succeed in 2023 - 05/01/2023
Twilio Flex: Refining Digital Engagement and Contact Center Value - 04/28/2023
IoT and Real Estate Footprints: How AVUITY's VuAI Sensors Help Maximize Investments - 04/28/2023
IoT Building Blocks: How Renesas is Accelerating IoT Prototyping - 04/27/2023
5G, 6G, and the FCC: Discussing New Standards for the Future - 04/27/2023
GrammarlyGO: A New Generative AI Tool for Grammarly Users - 04/27/2023
Hands-On Hybrid Work Solutions at NWN Carousel's Customer Innovation & Experience Center - 04/27/2023
Digital Twins and Industrial IoT: Litmus is Creating Logical Extensions to the Future - 04/26/2023
An AI Team-Up: Snorkel AI and Microsoft Offer More to Azure Customers - 04/26/2023
Everynet Partners with AWS to Provide LoRaWAN Connectivity for Simplified IoT Deployments - 04/26/2023
An Elevated Investment: Bear Robotics, M2MTech, and the IoT Elevator Market - 04/25/2023
Aryaka and Check Point Expand Partnership to Deliver Global Managed SASE Offering - 04/25/2023
Voice Actors and the Impacts of AI: What's Happening, and What's Next? - 04/25/2023
What is Juice Jacking? How to Avoid the New Cyber Threat - 04/24/2023
The US, 5G and 6G: What are Experts Saying? - 04/24/2023
Real-Time Shipment Visibility: A Must-Have Feature for Supply Chain Professionals - 04/24/2023
Tech Talent and Industry Layoffs: What Comes Next - 04/21/2023
Gaming via Cloud Streaming: Will Ubitus and Google Cloud Make it Happen? - 04/21/2023
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The Influence of the Metaverse: How Extended Realities are Heralding Societal Changes - 04/20/2023
A Story of Creative Automation: Storyteq Launches its Brand Portals Platform - 04/20/2023
Meet Tally: BJ's and Simbe Roll Out Tally AI to Improve Club Experiences - 04/20/2023
New Environmental and Industrial Light-Detection Sensors, from L-com - 04/19/2023
Wise Systems Connect: Enhancing Data Exchange in Last-Mile Deliveries - 04/19/2023
A New Vision of Cybersecurity: FIVE EYES, Launched by - 04/19/2023
SpaceChain Selected by Google for Startups Program to Fuel Innovations - 04/18/2023
'X' AI Marks the Spot: Xaba Develops AI-Powered Platforms, xCognition and xTrude - 04/18/2023
The Eye of the TigerGPT: An AI Investment Assistant - 04/18/2023
Scaling IoT and IIoT Ecosystems: Qualcomm Unveils New Solutions - 04/17/2023
Moozumo: sComm Launches App for Dynamic, Real-Time Calls over Text - 04/17/2023
The Double-Edged Sword of ChatGPT: Data Leaks and other Security Disruptions - 04/17/2023
Private Network Services: Logicalis Launches its Private Network Services with Cisco - 04/17/2023
PDFgear Chatbot: A New AI-Powered Feature to Chat with PDF Documents - 04/14/2023
Automation, to the Rescue: Granite Telecommunications has Deployed Automation Anywhere's Intelligent Platform - 04/14/2023
Blending Into the Metaverse: Absolut Powers Connections at Coachella - 04/13/2023
Real Business Stressors: CISOs at SMBs in Need of Support - 04/13/2023
Fast, Private, and Safe: Opera Browser is Adding Free VPN Coverage to All Platforms - 04/13/2023
Siemens and Microsoft to Strengthen Industrial PLM via Generative AI - 04/13/2023
Going the Extra (Smarter) Mile: Curiosity Lab to Collaborate with Smartmile - 04/12/2023
Cyber Bites Back: Why Provisioning Cybersecurity Truly Matters - 04/12/2023
End-to-End Wellness: Hughes Network Systems is Supporting The Vitamin Shoppe - 04/11/2023
AI in Healthcare: A NVIDIA-Medtronic Collaboration - 04/11/2023
A Story of S's: Sentinel, Sidewalk, and Supply Chain Optimization - 04/10/2023
Quectel and Morse Micro: A Partnership to Benefit Global Connectivity in IoT - 04/10/2023
TalentGuard Reveals WorkforceGPT for Talent Management Ecosystems - 04/06/2023
Quectel's New KG100S Module is Compatible with Amazon Sidewalk - 04/06/2023
Curiouser and Curiouser: Seoul Robotics Establishes its US Office in the Curiosity Lab of Peachtree Corners - 04/06/2023
Pairing Autonomous Vehicles with Supply Chain Operations: IIoT Logistics Solutions, Courtesy of Venti Technologies - 04/05/2023
Big AI Dreams, Powered by the Blockchain: A Look into - 04/05/2023
Improve Customer Experiences and Agent Journeys with New Offering from LiveVox and CGI - 04/05/2023
A New IIoT Partnership: TDengine and Casne Engineering are Ready to Innovate - 04/05/2023
Supercharging Smart Metering, Technologies at the Edge: Aetheros Enters the U.S. Market for Essential IoT - 04/05/2023
'The Last Line of Defense:' KnowBe4 Reveals Unsettling Statistics for 2023 - 04/04/2023
IT and AI-Enabled Support: What Businesses Need, and How Lenovo Helps - 04/04/2023
Italy is the First Nation to Ban ChatGPT: What Happens Next? - 04/03/2023
Emergency Call Centers Face a Troubling Workforce Problem - 04/03/2023
Opera Browser is Adding GPT-Powered Tools for Users - 04/03/2023
IT Trends and Priorities in 2023: Polling SMBs to Determine Key Solutions - 04/03/2023
Zipline Announces 'Zip' Drones for Precise, Autonomous Deliveries - 03/31/2023
Newegg, New ChatGPT: Retailer Integrates AI to Improve E-Commerce Experiences - 03/31/2023
Martello Technologies Group Improves Microsoft Teams Rooms with Vantage DX V3.10 - 03/31/2023 Announces AI Updates for Streamlining Content Creation - 03/30/2023
Paradise, Squared: Paradise Mobile Selects AWS to Establish Networks and Advanced IoT in Bermuda - 03/30/2023
'Mei' as well try: Mei App Adds Smarter AI to Messaging Apps to Support Users' Communications - 03/30/2023
Mutare Voice Traffic Filter is the Support that CCaaS Providers Need - 03/30/2023
Working Smarter to Save More Lives: A Carbyne and Bosch Partnership - 03/29/2023
Bone Appetit: Savoring the Benefits of Bone Conduction Technology with the Shokz OPENCOMM 2 UC Stereo Headset - 03/29/2023
Hopping Toward Hope: Zephyr AI and KangarooHealth Enter a Multi-Year Partnership to Support Patients and Clinicians - 03/29/2023
Finance and Gaming: Bitwave Helps SHRAPNEL Simplify Financial Operations - 03/28/2023
Rugged IIoT Environments, Handled: Soracom's Industrial-Grade SIM Card - 03/28/2023
How Businesses are Navigating Migrations and Marketplace Shifts - 03/28/2023
Through OpenAI Plugins, ChatGPT Can Officially Access the Internet - 03/28/2023
RAN, O-RAN, and Intelligent Automation: A Collaboration Between Juniper Networks and IBM - 03/27/2023
KORE Wireless Group Acquires Twilio's IoT Division - 03/27/2023
Security and Software Buyers: A New Survey with Updated Figures and Trends - 03/27/2023
It's Time to Meet Digit: Agility Robotics Debuts a Human-Centric, Multi-Purpose Safety Robot - 03/27/2023
TDK Announces Qeexo AutoML Platform Integration for Arm Keil MDK - 03/24/2023
Cybersecurity Essentials: BSA Expands Managed Security Solutions - 03/24/2023
Quectel's New CC200A-LB Satellite Module, Reliable and Ready for a Wide Range of IoT Applications - 03/24/2023
'Hello' from Quectel's New Wi-Fi HaLow Module, Launched for Improved Indoor and Outdoor IoT - 03/23/2023
A Full O-RAN Ecosystem Testing Portfolio, Courtesy of Spirent and Anritsu - 03/23/2023
Cloud Storage Costs (and Solutions) are on the Rise - 03/23/2023
Ingram Micro and C-Facts Invest in Cloud Cost Management, Together - 03/22/2023
O-RAN Ecosystem Testing through NTT DOCOMO and Spirent - 03/22/2023
The Next Wave of Computing: NVIDIA and Microsoft Collaborate on Powerful Enterprise Resources - 03/22/2023
Keyfactor Joins the CSA to Deepen IoT Connectivity and Secure Digital Trust - 03/21/2023
Marketers and Influencers: A New Survey with Updated Figures and Trends - 03/21/2023
A New Blend of Success: Smoothie King Selects Medallia to Improve Experiences - 03/21/2023
Normalyze Makes History, Receiving the First-Ever Data Security Posture Management (DSPM) Patent - 03/21/2023
A New Standard for Satellite IoT Connectivity: An emnify-Skylo Partnership - 03/20/2023
Critical Customer Service Issues Brought to the Fore - 03/20/2023
StoryStream Revisualizes e-Commerce Engagement via Live Video Shopping Solution - 03/17/2023
Winning Teams in Telco: and Snowflake Partner to Bring the Telecom Data Cloud to Life - 03/17/2023
T-Mobile Officially Pairs 5G Advanced Network Solutions with AWS - 03/17/2023
New Research Underscores the Importance of Identity Security and MFA - 03/16/2023
Global Tech Spend Forecasted to Reach $4.4 Trillion - 03/16/2023
ChatGPT as a Health Coach? That's the New Feature from Litely - 03/16/2023
It's 2023, and Telcos are Heavily Prioritizing the Cloud and 5G - 03/15/2023
Kudelski IoT Provides Secure Services to Manufacturers Adopting Matter - 03/15/2023
SD-WAN Market Value to Reach $30,907.6 million in 2030 - 03/14/2023
SD-WAN Market Value to Exceed $30M in 2030 - 03/14/2023
AI and Data Security Posture Management: Concentric AI's Partnership with CTERA - 03/14/2023
RoboSense Launches Innovative RS-Fusion-P6 LiDAR Perception Solution for Level 4 Autonomous Driving - 03/14/2023
HPE's Aruba is Collaborating with reelyActive and Microsoft Azure to Enhance IoT Workload Migrations - 03/14/2023
Quectel Launches New IoT Connectivity Offering for European Market - 03/13/2023
SAS and CyberProtonics: Embedding Quantum-Resistant Encryption for Nanosatellites and Ground Terminals - 03/13/2023
Ford Reinvests in Automated Driving Technology by Establishing Latitude AI - 03/10/2023
LTIMindtree Announces New Delivery Center in Krakow, Poland - 03/10/2023
New Chrome Extension is a Convenient, AI-powered Time-Saver - 03/09/2023
Guardforce AI Secures Innovative AIoT 'Robot Advertising' Contract in Macau - 03/09/2023
Google Approved as a Promoter Member of the MIPI Alliance - 03/08/2023
US Congress Members Reintroduce Serious Facial Recognition Bill - 03/08/2023
New Smart Level Monitoring Solution from Actility, Pepperl + Fuchs, and - 03/07/2023
GSA Reports Strong Numbers for Private Mobile Networks Worldwide - 03/07/2023
Today's Technology Enablers: Exploring Semitech Semiconductor - 03/07/2023
RingCentral Announces Multi-Year Communications Collaboration with AWS - 03/06/2023
Bad To The Bone (Conduction): A Review of the Shokz OPENCOMM UC Stereo Headset - 03/06/2023
A Win for Conversational AI: AgentAssist for Service Cloud Voice on Salesforce AppExchange - 03/06/2023
Data Readiness: As IoT Bears its Fruits, Should New Legislation Prevent its Spoil? - 03/06/2023
After a Successful Funding Round, Scoot is Ready to Redefine Virtual Engagements - 03/02/2023
Snom Introduces New 'Office in a Box' Phone System - 03/02/2023
At the Push of a Button: LTE-M IoT Buttons, Available Now from Soracom and UnaBiz - 03/01/2023
Microsoft Announces Azure Operator Nexus for Telcos at MWC 2023 - 02/28/2023
Quantive AI: Smartly Enhancing Businesses' Strategic Executions - 02/28/2023
The Launch of PLUS+, TEAL's GSMA-certified eSIM Platform - 02/28/2023
Snapchat Announces its New ChatGPT-Powered 'My AI' Chatbot - 02/27/2023