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Principal, JMR Connect
JMR Connect
Mostafa Razzak is a tenured influencer relations professional with more than twenty years experience working with organizations in the digital, technology, financial services, retail, healthcare and energy sectors. He is recognized for leading successful, holistic public relations and integrated marketing campaigns that combine strategic programming with precision tactical execution. As JMRConnect Principal, Mostafa develops and implements the company's vision, directs operations, and oversees all client accounts and ongoing activities.

Prior to JMRConnect, Mostafa served as a founding partner for JMR Worldwide, where he was instrumental in both launching and building the agency's footprint in the technology, telecom and financial services markets. His expansive professional network, proven expertise and track record cemented the firm as a go-to resource for organizations in search of brand stability in an unstable economy. Under his watch, companies including dash Carrier Services, RNK Communications and Zeacom each enjoyed heightened visibility, and were each subsequently acquired for their presence and marketshare.

Previously, Mostafa also led a team within Edelman’s New York Corporate and Public Affairs group. His primary accounts included IDA Singapore, EDS (Electronic Data Systems), Fujifilm U.S.A., Factiva, Gemplus, Ovid, and the International VoIP (Voice-Over IP) Council. As team leader, his role was to counsel clients, direct targeted media relations activities and influencer outreach, create crisis management plans, and to coordinate internal business units globally.

Before joining Edelman, Mostafa served as the Director of Political Operations with Morgan, Meredith & Associates (MMA), a nationally recognized political consulting firm. Mostafa started his career as a Development assistant with GBMC Healthcare, Inc., a renowned health care provider in Baltimore, MD. Mostafa is a graduate of Boston University.

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