Biju Oommen Info

Biju Oommen has 15+ years of experience in helping deploy best of breed enterprise as well as carrier grade solutions and in providing leading-edge systems integration services.

Much of his work revolves around multi-vendor product and technology integration. It spans the domains of voice, VoIP, Fiber, WiFi, Microwave, SAN, IP networks, e-mail & network security.

He has independently & successfully implemented projects related to Telecommunications, Networking/I.T infrastructure, Wireless communications for a diverse client portfolio including the financial and government sectors.

His passion for technology has seen him regularly test and pen technical articles for various journals in the U.S, U.K, and Canada. It has encompassed areas such as VoIP-H.323/SIP, SDH, Eos, WiFi, SSL VPN, application acceleration, E-mail firewall, SEM, SAN etc.

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