Vince Ricco Axis Communications discusses how the company’s IP camera ecosystem can work without overly taxing network resources as well as the benefits of their open solutions.
TMC Managing Editor talks to Pat Hannon, SVP at EarthLink Carrier. EarthLink Carrier is a facilities-based wholesale telecommunications provider to Inter-Exchange Carriers (IXC), wireless carriers, Competitive Local Exchange Carriers (CLECs), Local Exchange Carriers (LECs), Internet Service Providers (ISPs), VoIP providers, resellers, content providers, and cable companies.
TMC Managing Editor Rich Steeves speaks with Shawn Grenner, National Sales Director at Worldwide Supply. Worldwide provides exceptional sales, service, warrantees and savings for customers looking for routers, optical equipment and more.
TMC Managing Editor Rich Steeves speaks with Charles Rice, chairman & CEO of InterMetro. Rice talks VoIP, IP communications and more.
Web Editor Rich Steeves talks to Miki Tang, regional sales manager at Yealink. Yealink is a leading provider of VoIP and IP communications solutions.
Web Editor Rich Steeves talks to Doron Meirom, VP of business at Xorcom, about products displayed at ITEXPO Miami 2013.
Web Editor Rich Steeves talks to Wayne Cook, Channels Manager at Xorcom, about products displayed at ITEXPO Miami 2013
Web Editor Rich Steeves speaks with Jason M. Beckett, director of sales at Allworx. Allworx specializes in IP communications services for SMBs.
Trey Allen discusses Windstream’s next-generation communications solutions and what the company showcased at ITEXPO.
Lucas Martinez, Denwa CTO, shows what the company exhibited at ITEXPO Miami.
Amitava Mukherjee, CEO and co-founder of RedShift Networks discusses the company’s unique position in the market with its secure communication solutions.
Conquest President, Jon Sastre discusses how Audicodes helped make the migration to MS Lync a seamless one at ITEXPO Miami 2013.
Robert Messer, president of ABP Tech, discusses the company’s offerings and participation at ITEXPO.
Cbeyond’s Zane Long explains the value of deep partner relationships in growing a cloud and communications business through a well-designed channel program.
Interviewee: Frank Stinson, Partner and Senior Analyst, IntelliCom Analytics. (Leads the firm's IntelliCom Market Dashboard (IMD) and IntelliCom Market Performance Dashboard (IMPD) research programs.
TMC’s Rich Tehrani speaks with Rishi Lodhia, Director, Camera Manager about the company’s cloud-based surveillance solutions.
TMC’s Rich Tehrani speaks with Martin Alan Renkis, Founder & CEO, Smartvue about the company’s cloud-based surveillance solutions.
TMC’s Rich Tehrani speaks with Tom Maurath, Vice President, Strategic Business Development, PGI about his company’s cloud-based collaboration and mobility tools.
TMC Web Editor Rich Steeves speaks with representatives from Sangoma at ITEXPO Austin 2012. Sangoma is a provider of hardware and software components that enable and enhance IP communications systems.
TMC’s Rich Steeves speaks with Roderick Weir, VP, Alliances of Jazinga
Jazinga wants to bring IP telephony to small businesses via retail sales
Joe Gillette from cloud communications provider Stage2 tells TMC’s Rich Tehrani about the company’s thoughts on hosted voice and competing against hybrid CPE/cloud communications providers.
Sherman Scholten takes TMC's Rich Tehrani through the history of Obihai Technology, Jan Fandrianto's latest company in the VoIP ATA space.
Steve Surfaro of Axis Communications tells Rich Tehrani about his company's video encoders and growing line of IP network cameras
Peter Blackmore tells Rich Tehrani about the company's recent cloud aquisition of M5 and explains the reasons for its recent marKetshare gains
Jack Jachner discusses with Rich Tehrani enterprise communications collaboration, the sale of genesis, benefits of provided enterprise and carrier solutions.
Christopher Dean the head of enterprise strategy at Skype keynoted ITEXPO this morning explaining how his company plays in the communications space and expounded on the company’s software integration with mainstream televisions. In a survey of the crowd by me after the presentation, a full 25% of the audience said they wanted Skype in their televisions.
I had a chance to catch up with Mitel and learn more about their brand new MVNO offering which marks the first time a telecom equipment provider has entered the MVNO Space.
Here in Miami at ITEXPO in the Miami Beach Convention Center, David explained how his company got started and how HD voice became a factor in what he calls the “building of the best conferencing bridge on the planet.”
Here in Miami, at the Miami Beach Convention Center, Jeff Rodman is giving a keynote where he explains how crucial it is to link together technology in such a way that it becomes transparent to users. Moreover he explained how the definition of “Now” varies by person meaning different people are at different stages of life based on time of day, day of week and/or time zone. What cultural implications are there to communicating 24x7?
I had a chance to have a brief interview with Chris Whiteley, Director of Business Development at XG Technologies. He gave me an indication of what the company is up to and where their future lies.
Andy Abramson explains the history and details of individual wine bottles from vineyard to table.
After an introduction for me, Dr. Don Brown, a true communications veteran began a presentation which asked where the value was in communications. He explained CEBP and unified communications were terms made up by marketers and he didn’t really like the term buddy list either.
Sir Terry Matthews gave a fascinating keynote address today to a standing room only crowd at TMC’s ITEXPO and started his address by discussing the opportunity he sees in the communications and technology markets.
At 4GWE/ITEXPO West 2009, Corporate Vice President of Alvarion Ltd., Mohammad Shakouri began a presentation by explaining how he will help the audience make money. From there he spent time discussing the various levels of broadband penetration in the world – citing how the US is falling further behind – currently considered second world according to him.