Hostway's Aaron Hollobaugh talks with Erik Linask about growing trends in cloud computing, from backup and storage growth to channel partners.
Cloudant's Sam Bisbee talks about the concept of database as a service to help enterprises meet their growing data storage and analysis needs.
Server Central's Peter Berg tells Erik Linask why performance of cloud services and applications has evolved in the past year and how it will continue to mature.
Brett Dunst from Dream Host Explores the evolving storage needs of enterprises and the challenges with migrating to scalable cloud storage solutions.
TMC Managing Editor Rich Steeves interviews Brenda Fonseca, COO at Appcore about automation, software defined data centers and local clouds.
TMC Web Editor Rich Steeves speaks with representatives from Rackspace at Cloud Expo 2012. Rackspace provides fanatical support for its customers in the cloud computing space. The company delivers enterprise-level hosting services to businesses of all sizes around the world.
TMC Web Editor Rich Steeves speaks with representatives from Symform at Cloud Expo 2012. Symform provides free cloud storage in its bytes for bucks program, offering reliable, secure storage solutions to users in 160 countries.
TMC’s Rich Tehrani speaks with Lee Johns, Vice President Product Management, Starboard Storage about the company’s solid-state storage acceleration solutions.
TMC’s Rich Tehrani speaks with Nelson Nahum, Co-founder, CEO, Zadara about the company’s cloud storage solutions
TMC Web Editor Rich Steeves speaks with representatives from OnRamp at ITEXPO Austin 2012. OnRamp is a data center operations company that delivers a full suite of services.
TMC’s Stefanie Mosca speaks with Praerit Garg, President and Co-founder for Symform regarding the company’s cloud storage and backup services at ITEXPO Austin 2012.
Ranajit Nevatia explains why enterprises looking for cloud storage solutions need an integrated global file system for management and discovery.
Noam Shendar of Zadara Storage tells TMC's Rich Tehrani about his company's premium cloud-based storage solutions providing high-speed access to data with the traditional OPEX Vs. CAPEX cloud benefits.
Tony Gauda from Bitcasa talks about why mobile users need unlimited storage capacity on their devices.
As businesses collect more and more data, they will require storage capabilities that are easily and secure, accessible, and quickly scalable for pure storage as well as data analytics.
Cloud storage provides big data creators to focus their IT resources on other critical business operations instead of data management and maintenance.
Cloud Computing provides quick and easy scalable infrastructure, allowing businesses to focus on their core competencies, rather than having to constantly worry about storage for the unstructuredd data resulting from mobile, social, and analytics.
Breaches in data security are forcing cloud providers to take a closer look at how they are protecting the data they are storing in the cloud to reduce risk and minimize loss from data breaches.
Tom Leydan of Amplidata tells TMC’s Rich Tehrani how his company allows its customers to efficiently store massive amounts of information via hardware using a proprietary mathematical solution which is more available than tape and more efficient than RAID. Uses include video storage and building more cost-effective cloud solutions.
Many lizards and perhaps dinosaurs whipped their tails rapidly to protect themselves from predators. Matt Goldensohn explains how his company Whiptail uses technology to rapidly store and retrieve data without the use of traditional disk platters.
Max Riggsbee of Whiptail tells Rich Tehrani with TMC about the company’s NAND flash disk-solutions which speed not just overall computing but cloud-based applications.
Cory Isaacson CEO/CTO of CodeFutures tells TMC’s Rich Tehrani’s about the latest updates to dbShards including increased database vendor support. This will include mainstream as well as more specialized databases.
QLogic Discusses its solution to better manage storage in the cloud.
With HTML5, operators have the ability to deliver content of all types to subscribers across devices and networks through the cloud.
Kosten Metreweli at OnApp tells Rich Tehrani about the company's cloud enablement solutions including its CDN and storage product lines