Demo Presentation by Alcatel Lucent
Keynote Presentation by Alcatel Lucent
Energizing the Edge with the performance, services, and intelligence you need. Power your edge with the performance, service richness and intelligence needed to outperform in your markets and drive the bottom line. Deliver more bandwidth: It seems like there is never enough bandwidth. Video and the move to the cloud are driving bandwidth demand. Energize the performance and scale of your IP Edge. Diversify your service portfolio: Revenues are under pressure, and you need to add more services – quickly and easily. Energize your portfolio with an IP Edge that supports a broad service mix. Distinguish your services: Competition is fierce. You need to distinguish your services to retain customers, and attract new ones. Use embedded intelligence in the IP Edge to energize your services. Drive operational efficiency: Network silos are a barrier to streamlining services. Energize the bottom line—deliver your services from a common IP Edge, lower your OPEX, and accelerate time to new revenue. Residential broadband services: Consumers want more video and more freedom to personalize services. Deliver a high-quality experience with lifestyle-centric service packages. Mobile broadband services: Smartphones and tablet devices enable home and office connectivity on the road. Delight mobile users with high-bandwidth, seamless and secure access — wherever they go. Enterprise cloud services: Businesses are moving storage, applications and services to the cloud. Empower enterprises with secure and assured access to these resources — from anywhere.
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