In this IoT Time, Ken says Happy New Year, misses David Bowie, and runs down the tech from CES that had an actual function. In his MyIoT segment, he applauds those few and proud developers who understand that 2016 will be the year of actual function in the IoT. It’s time to stop merely monitoring and get on to functioning.
In partnership news from the IoT, U.S. Cellular inks a new deal for M2M solutions and two big vendors create turnkey option by joining forces. Meanwhile, the security of the IoT is a big deal, and according to a new study, not just in terms of data and privacy. Infrastructure, too, can be at risk. In My IoT, Ken rants wildly about why he’s fed up with wearables that are ugly, uncomfortable and trying to do too much.
On today’s IoT Time: Wearables are going to become ubiquitous, but only once they get better. Android OS had a huge hole in its biometric security protocols, but they fixed it. Machine learning is required to make Big Data smarter. On MYIoT, Ken digs into the idea that people aren’t equipped to analyze raw data themselves. We need smart algorithms and machines that can learn and deliver the actionable intelligence businesses can use to make better strategic moves.
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