In partnership news from the IoT, U.S. Cellular inks a new deal for M2M solutions and two big vendors create turnkey option by joining forces. Meanwhile, the security of the IoT is a big deal, and according to a new study, not just in terms of data and privacy. Infrastructure, too, can be at risk. In My IoT, Ken rants wildly about why he’s fed up with wearables that are ugly, uncomfortable and trying to do too much.
Editors Day Boston 2014 Interview with Datawatch
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Stan Kinsey
Martian Watches
Andy Tarczon
VP, Partner Development
Meta Watch
Mike Wolf (Moderator)
Founder & Chief Analyst
NextMarket Insights
Join our panel of Wearable Technology smart watch pioneers and inventors each of whom now has a major smart watch in the market, as they speak to what the next five years will bring to wearable technology. Is the smart watch the ultimate definition of wearable tech or is it merely a precursor to next generation technology? What can we expect to see over the next 3 5 years?
Wearable Technology Expo, Los Angeles California 2013
Victor Cooper, Public Relations of Airwatch tells Rich Tehrani of TMC about his company’s solutions which make companies more efficient and secure.
Kevin Keith, Director of Business Development at Airwatch tells Rich Tehrani of TMC about how his company helps companies secure consumer devices which come into the enterprise.
TMC's Rich Tehrani speaks with Lucas J. Hwang with I'm Watch at CES 2012
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Rich Tehrani speaks with Russ Warner, President/CEO of Content Watch
TMC’s Rich Tehrani speaks with Eric Aarrestad, VP Marketing, WatchGuard