Editors Day Santa Clara 2015 Interview with Switch Communications
ITEXPO Anaheim 2015 Interview with SwitchRay
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ITEXPO Miami 2015 Studio Interview with SkySwitch
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ITEXPO Las Vegas 2014 Interview with Switch Supernap
Alianza WAN helps companies with the data center transformation.
TMC catches up with Ciena to discuss industry trends and transformations at ITEXPO Miami.
Switch’s Mark Thiele discusses the transformation of cloud hosting over the past few years and what enterprises
Steve Gleave
Senior Vice President, Marketing
Chris Koeneman
Vice President, Bluesocket Business Division
Erik Linask (Moderator)
Group Editorial Director
This closing panel will consider the lessons learned from the Software Telco discussions to extrapolate how the telco landscape will evolve in the next three years, and how telcos, cloud providers, virtualization vendors will collectively change the way telcos operate. What new markets will the software telco drive Mobility as a Service, Cloud Services Trading, etc.?
The Software Telco? I Always Said So.
Steve Gleave
Senior Vice President, Marketing
J.B.S Haldane, the British geneticist, biologist and physiologist, has been quoted as saying that theories have four stages of acceptance: From “worthless nonsense” to “I always said so.” For network operators that have long ordered and deployed their control and application logic bundled tightly with proprietary hardware, the path to becoming softwarecentric can be viewed as more challenging than exciting. Conversely, over the top and “postcarrier” operators have known no other way than to build their core communications services in the public cloud – costeffectively generating new sources of revenue while obliterating legacy markets. Can traditional operators really adapt, and compete? Can a private or public cloud really host the brains of a realtime, programmable communications services? What will the softwarecentric architecture actually look like? And how soon will it be before traditional operators embrace this new network paradigm and utter the words, “The software telco. I always said so”?
Phil Harvey, Director of Corporate Communications, Metaswitch Networks
Paul Ginn, APCON, Paul Ginn, Director of Marketing Network Monitoring Solutions tells Rich Tehrani of TMC the company’s high-capacity aggregation switches, network taps and filtering technologies.
Jay Vanorden of Worldwide Supply tells Rich Tehrani of TMC about the company’s network life extending solutions which allow customers to maximize their equipment investments.
Data Hardware Depot discusses its network infrastructure equipment and the opportunity for growth at COMPTEL PLUS.
Rich Tehrani, TMC’s CEO and Group Editor-in-Chief, speaks with Ruben Lugo, Product Marketing Manager for IOGEAR and learns of the company’s switches, charges and streaming devices.
Ako Gurjinyan, director of software sales, talks wholesale and retail switching solutions and why ITEXPO offers great networking opportunities.
TMC’s Stefanie Mosca speaks with Craig Span, Regional Head of Sales – Americas for REVE Systems at ITEXPO Austin 2012 about the company’s VoIP, softswitch, IP billing, dialer and mobile VoIP solutions.
Arpit Joshipura, former CMO of Force10 and now part of Dell describes the company's unified PC/Networking solutions. Moreover he says 2012 will be the year of 10G networking.
David Iles from IBM tells TMC's Rich Tehrani about the company's SDN strategy, OpenFlow and new switches including one which runs at 40G.
Steve Bamberger from Netformx discusses how its network design database saves time and money and results in properly designed networks
Steve Gleave tells TMC's Rich Tehrani about how Metaswitch enables carriers to be successful. In addition he explains how carriers need to potentially embrace OTT social services in order to compete. In other words competing with existing social solutions may not be feasible in any/all situations for service providers.
Sonus SVP of Global Sales and Marketing Todd Abbott tells TMC’s Rich Tehrani about how his company can help manage high-quality voice call flows using SIP and their next-generation session border control products. The company’s SBC offerings leverage Sonus’s experience in the carrier space to bring standalone SBCs into the enterprise as well as telco environments. Finally the company detailed its Partner Assure channel partner model enabling Sonus to reach a wider range customers.
Sonus SVP of Global Sales and Marketing Todd Abbott tells TMC’s Rich Tehrani about how his company has transitioned from providing softswitch solutions for the service provider to providing SBCs for complex cloud-based UC applications.
Tier 2 and 3 cable operators need a way to quickly ramp up services to meet changing requirements and take advantage of the latest technologies. Adara delivers service delivery in the cloud for these operators.
Cable operators have a need to deliver a cross platform experience and show they are more than just TV. In an IP environment, the ability to manage and delver service across multiple network and device environments will help operators differentiate themselves.
NetOptics discusses its network management products at Interop 2012
Descript: Ran Nahmias of NetOptics tells Rich Tehrani about the company's network monitoring solutions portfolio
Dave Hubbard of Apcon tells Rich Tehrani about the company's networking aggregation, filtering, switch management and data capture solutions
David Barzilai tells Rich Tehrani about his company's advancements in low latency Infiniband and Ethernet networking solutions for the analytics and big data markets
Lior Koriat from QualitySystems discusses lab management, device provisioning and test automation solutions with Rich Tehrani at Interop 2012
Mike Banic tells Rich Tehrani about hp's latest products in the networking and virtualization space
Chris Crowell of Enterasys tells Rich Tehrani about the strengths of Enterasys in the netwroking space
TMC's Rich Tehrani speaks with Brett Sharenow, CFO for Switch Lightiing at CES 2012 in Las Vegas
TMC's Rich Tehrani speaks with Tracy Bilbrough, CEO of Switch Lighting at CES 2012 in Las Vegas
TMC's Erik Linask speaks with Kyle Forster Co-Founder/Sales & Marketing, Big Switch Networks
TMC's Rich Tehrani speaks with Stephen Gleave, Vice President of Marketing for Metaswitch
TMC’s Juliana Kenny speaks with Tristan Barnum, Director of Product Marketing, Switchvox
TMC's Rich Tehrani speaks with Darryl Brown, Director, Product Marketing, Switch and Data
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