Editors Day Santa Clara 2015 Interview with Plantronics
ITEXPO Anaheim 2015 Skype for Business Presentation by: Plantronics
WebRTC San Jose 2014 Interview with Plantronics
WebRTC San Jose 2014 Demo Presentation By: PLT Labs
Special Presentation by PLT Labs

Wearable Technology Expo, Los Angeles 2013
Wearable Technology Expo, Los Angeles California 2013
Demo Presentation by Plantronics
Keynote Presentation by Plantronics. Moving Beyond the Browser: Opportunities, Impacts, and Realities of WebRTC in an "Internet of Things" World
Renee Niemi discusses success factors in wearable technology, winning form factors and how Plantronics provides wearable technology to improve user communications.
Cary Bran discusses what’s fueling the growth of wearable technology, how its products adapt to trends in the industry and what we can expect to see in the future from Plantronics.
Amy Houson, Sr. Director of Marketing at Plantronics tells TMC's Rich Tehrani about the company's line of UC and other headsets.
Cisco Live
Avaya VP of UC Marketing, Nancy Maluso, shares her views on UC ROI based on ‘personal’ experience.The Avaya Flare Experience and social business applications like Web.Aive are changing the communications experience for Avaya customers and employees alike. The aggregate of the myriad of UC communication capabilities, especially video and the sense of intimacy it can create, refocuses ROI on business value, as opposed to technology value.“I find that I'm thinking about the person I'm communicating with, not the topic”, says Maluso. “It's made it more personal, more effective and it's changed the outcome of the communications I have for the better.”
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