ITEXPO Miami 2015 Studio Interview with Live Sentinel
ITEXPO Las Vegas 2014 Interview with LiveOPS
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WebRTC Atlanta 2014 Demo: LiveNinja
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LiveOps CMO Ann Sung Ruckstuhl explains the benefits of WebRTC and what it’s doing in this arena.
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Michelle Brusyo, marketing director at LiveLook, emphasizes the benefits of website co-browsing.
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Demo Presentation by AddLive
Demo Presentation by Add Live
Making the M2M solutions support business intelligence can start with simple questions and expand to become predictive with Axeda.
John Giere from Openwave Mobility talks about the staggering growth of video consumption and new opportunities for monetizing that content by operators.
Jeff Kim explains how CDNetworks helps enterprises enhance the delivery of their Web content and applications to global users.
Norman Gillaspie discusses the latest technologies for video consumption in the home and on mobile devices
When it comes to m2m the goal isn't to manage a machine its to deliver a service experience.
As companies look to migrate to cloud computing environments, look for security and reliability assurances to help them meet internal and external service delivery expecations. Gateway appliances can help ensure service stability and reliability with secure dynamic routing capabilities while consolidating other infrastructure management capabilities to create more efficient service and application delivery.
Hosted Predictive Dialer video by LiveVox
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Outsourcing and partnering to make sure your M2M solutions are complete requires best practice partners.
Because of the growth of video-capable network attached devices, service providers need to invest in high-efficiency content optimization. One method is to separate content packaging from core processing, allowing providers to effectively deliver content in different formats to the multitude of devices in use.
As content sources become more diverse, consumers need an easy way to navigate their EPG to enjoy their favorite programming instantly, regardless of the source.
Operators are under increased pressure to make changes to their services without any service interruption to subscribers, reducing time to revenue, eliminating calls to contact centers, and increasing customer satisfaction.
By using transcoding technology that is separate from content packaging technology, service providers can future-proof their service delivery capabilities to be able to easily upgrade software to be able to easily deliver any forms of content to any device.
Content providers and media organizations are seeing increased demand for capacity and connectivity to deliver their live and on-demand multimedia content to a growing consumer base that grows increasingly less tolerant of packet loss and delay that reduces video quality.
With all the OTT and alternative service providers trying to steal small pieces of business, legacy operators need to be able to integrate next generation voice, video and messaging capabilities, including mobility, into their infrastructures and portfolios.
Subscribers have different tastes and viewing habits, which means cable operators need to be able to test and deliver multiple content types on multiple devices, including a new look local and hyper local content offering.
Software testing always seems to take more time than operators have, especially in a multi-device environment. Having a trusted third party to perform the first 80% of the testing can significantly decrease time to market.
Michael Hayes of cp tells RT about coyote point's EQ/OS 10 and broadening ADC product line at Interop 2012
TMC’s Erik Linask speaks with Frank Paterno, VVP of Marketing, Intelliverse
TMC's Erik Linask speaks with Louis Summe, CEO of Live Vox
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TMC's Erik Linask speaks with Louis Summe, CEO of LiveVox
Tags: LiveVox
TMC’s Juliana Kenny speaks with Paul Lang, Senior VP Products & Marketing, Liveops
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Paul Lang of LiveOps explains how his company sells soup to nuts solutions enabling contact centers to optimize their operations. Agents can work at home and can optionally be provided by the company.
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