Akamai's Gary Ballabio discusses the challenges with creating a consistent user experience when delivering applications, content, and services through the cloud, with Erik Linask.
Allisair Farquarson from SOA Software explains the role of APIs in cloud environments and the need to manage APIs to ensure security, availabilty, and performance.
Rick McFarland, president and CEO of Voice4Net, talks with TMC editor Paula Bernier at ITEXPO Austin in early October. Based in Dallas,Voice4net provides businesses with a custom interactive telephony solutions including contact center tools, IVR solutions, voice recording capabilities and event broadcasting systems.
As the business world becomes increasingly more mobile, employees will require not only better access to their enterprise applications, but also easier ways to interact with and update those applications and complete business processes. Active Endpoints’ CEP Mark Taber explains why this is so challenging with today’s apps and how to easily automate many of those processes.
Allan Johnson from Imagination Technologies discusses trends in social media and mobile apps and how voice and video over IP can be integrated to enhance the experience for users.
As companies look to migrate to cloud computing environments, look for security and reliability assurances to help them meet internal and external service delivery expecations. Gateway appliances can help ensure service stability and reliability with secure dynamic routing capabilities while consolidating other infrastructure management capabilities to create more efficient service and application delivery.
Outsourcing and partnering to make sure your M2M solutions are complete requires best practice partners.
ATT is unique in its ability to provide global solutions beyond roaming.