ITEXPO Anaheim 2015 Interview with Waterford Technologies
M2M Evolution Conference and Expo. August 11-14, 2014. The Rio Las Vegas, Nevada
Vecima Networks is delivering solutions for Fleet Management that boost productivity, support green initiatives and conforms to information transfer of driver log which will be required by DOT 1/1/14. The requirement will be that trucks stopping for weigh ins will also use Wi-Fi to transfer Drive Log information.
Cradlepoint delivers Wi-Fi services via their embedded 3G /4G devices that allows restaurants and other retailers the ability to support customer Wi-Fi use while shopping. In addition, Cradlepoint is used by RedBox to support their commerce solutions. Cradlepoint is being used a variety of M2M, Cloud and other enterprise solutions. A key value of Cradlepoints solution is the fail over capability which they have demonstrated with Ethernet cable cuts being done on the show floor at previous event.
Digitalk provides a High Availability cloud solution that allows the carrier to implement their routing solutions without any hardware. This complements their high availability session controllers.
SNOM 710 is the latest phone that supports up to 4 SIP URIs and can be used either as a standalone or part of the system, including SNOM’s new miniPBX that can be used for up to 50 stations.
Doug Mohney reports on the iPhone5’s ability to support HD Voice which is active in Europe on the HSPA networks and not available in the US – yet. However, there is the possibility that Sprint has something planned for in the future.
Today's viewers are used to engaging via multiple devices. Bringing a second layer of associated content, either advertising, social media, or purely informative, is the latest way for operators to further engage with their audiences and create new revenue streams.
TMC's Rich Tehrani speaks with Ryan McGee, Technical Expert, Ford Research and Innovation at CES 2012 in Las Vegas
Nissan Leaf...
Electric Ford Focus...
Machine to Machine communications in the health world
iPad2 and the future of communications
4GWE Update and Mobile Enterprise
Ron Spector of Fordela talks about his company’s video-in-the-cloud solution for the enterprise which brings a single and easy-to-use interface to video and image distribution and consumption across disparate devices.
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